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Sam Ghandchi

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دموکراسی اسلامی پلورالیسم نیست

P.S. 02/27/20:




The good news is that an Iranian human rights activist/lawyer/woman Shirin Ebadi has won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Previously only Ahmad Shamloo was an Iranian to get close to winning a Nobel Prize, and it is an honor for Iran and Iranians to see this recognition, particularly because of Ms. Ebadi's previous work of defending many Iranian freedom fighters in the courts of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). 


This shows that the world is finally passing the era when Iranians were viewed as hostage-takers and nobody knew that even under IRI fascism, there are people inside Iran, who risk their life to speak against IRI violations of human rights in Iran and abroad. 


I hope politicians in the Western countries to learn from the Nobel committee not to condemn the victims of IRI, the Iranian people, for IRI crimes; and support the Iranians who are the main victims of IRI, in our struggle for democracy and secularism, which is also a struggle to help the world in the fight against Islamist terrorism.


Now the bad news is that the Nobel prize for Shirin Ebadi is causing another revival of pipe dream of IRI reformism ever establishing democracy in Iran, the so-called Islamic Democracy.  This failed path was not just sold to Iranians by the notorious Hojatoleslam Rafsanjani or by President Khatami.  It was sold to Iranians by honest people like the late Saidi Sirjani who himself was killed by IRI, and many who believed in IRI promises in 1994, because of  caring for Sirjani's words, also got hurt.


Ms. Ebadi is very sincere when saying she is a Muslim and as an individual she has every right to identify more with being a Muslim, or a lawyer, or a woman, or an Iranian, etc.  And she is sincere in wanting to get the Islamist reformists change Iran to a state with human rights.  But these same reformists all these years have never raised a finger to call for the right of non-Islamic parties to run for parliament or to have free press; and only when their own papers or their own sympathizers are arrested, they speak up. Even if they take the full power in Iran, why should we expect that they do not continue to censor and stop non Islamic parties from functioning?


Didn't similar reformists in China, namely Teng Hsiao-Ping, win power from hardliners, and themselves suppress the Tien An Men democracy movement.  Are other political parties beside the Communists allowed in Chinese political scene?  Yes, trade relations with the West have improved a lot under the rule of Chinese reformists; but freedom of political parties, freedom of thought, freedom of press for non Communists remains the same as before. 


This is not what Iranian people hope for Iran, another China without Western liberties and secularism, but with Western trade!


People like Shirin Ebadi try to work within the framework of IRI, to be able to be of service to Iranian people inside Iran, and they are sincere and want to do something within the system as much as possible.  But those mellimazhabis who try to make the self-censored framework that such activists use, as the framework ideal for Iran's future state, are underestimating the aspirations of Iranian people, by equating it with the reactionary desires of IRI refromists.  And even worse than that are the IRI lobbyists abroad, who try to use the occasion to justify their calls for US. support of IRI, as if it is a "democracy"! 


Afsaneh Norouzi is awaiting execution now.  It was just three months ago that Zahra Kazemi, the Iranian-Canadian journalist was murdered by IRI, and as usual President Khatami has only issued a complain about IRI letting the murderers free.  This is the same as what happened in the case of Forouhars chain murder.  President Khatami writes his protests as if he is a an activist protesting, whereas he is at the head of IRI executive power.  How long more do the IRI reformists think they can fool Iranian people?


The IRI lobbyist-supporting press abroad is now trying to portray Hossein Khomeini as related to MojAhedin because of his call for regime change and for US invasion. 


True that Iranian people do not want the U.S. invasion of Iran, but that does not mean Iranian people do not want to be supported in our pro-Democracy struggle for *regime change* in Iran. 


IRI lobbyists are using the same tactics in this regards, that they have done in the last 20 years, always trying to show anybody who wants a regime change in Iran, as MojAhedin or monarchist. They use the occasion of Nobel Prize for Shirin Ebadi, to make the illusion that genuine Iranian activists want reform of IRI and not changing it.  This is an outright lie. 


Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi or anybody else who wants to be able to openly do human rights activity inside Iran, cannot openly call for a regime change, without going to jail or being executed, like many who have been executed for such activity, even just a few months ago, and they were *not* with MojAhedin or monarchy.


I hope the world gets the good news from the new Nobel Prize for an Iranian human rights activist, that the Iranian pro-Democracy movement is alive and is working hard for *regime change* in Iran, and the world should support Iranians to change IRI, not by any invasion of Iran, but by supporting the pro-democracy movement, which is *not* an IRI reformist movement, and is basically outside IRI, calling for an alternative secular republic to IRI. 


And the bad news of IRI lobbyists intensifying their activity to use the Nobel event to portray IRI reformists as the alternative for Iran, will show once again what they and their supporters are after, which is keeping IRI, from which they benefit, and they pretend as if their problem is MojAhedin or monarchy, by labeling the genuine pro-Democracy activists who want *complete* regime change in Iran.


Times have changed and the game of labeling the ones who have stood up for human rights all these years, while the IRI lobbyists press censored news of stonings and terrors of IRI, is obvious to any observer of the events of these years.  They are now talking of human rights violations in Iran, only in the service of one faction of IRI, namely the reformist faction, to bring them to power.  Abbasids to replace Omavids. ammA hanAshoon digeh rangi nadAreh (but their dye has lost its color).


My congratulations to everyone for the world recognizing an Iranian woman to be the winner of Nobel Peace prize.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
Oct 14, 2003


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