We all know how taking of US Embassy hostages was the way for theocratic forces of Iranian 1979 Revolution to remove any liberal-democratic presence from the Iranian post-revolutionary government, and even hostage-takers today admit this reality But there was more to this event.


The anniversary of hostage-taking is an opportunity to remember how the Islamic Republic of Iran, for 20 years has used anti-imperialist slogans, to fool Iranians of different classes and different ideologies, to rally behind the most fascist theocratic forces, which have made Iran a hostage of the world, by destroying its economy as much as they could, whenever they could, and by violating the human rights of Iranians using any religious justification they could find.


What is sadder is that the same dark forces are still able to fool Iranians, by using such slogans as if we are having more respect in the world.  This pseudo-status, which has been claimed by leaders of other countries like China, Vietnam and others at different times, means nothing but more misery, poverty and lack of human rights, which is the reality of these countries, beyond their anti-imperialist window-dressing.


Sam Ghandchi

Nov 4, 1999






* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on Nov 4, 1999




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