Stop Murdering Iranian Women for Self-Defense



Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) is getting ready to execute another innocent woman, Afsaneh Norouzi, amidst the world outcries about another IRI injustice.  IRI murdering Iranian women is not a new thing, and it has been going on for 24 years.  I wrote about it ten years ago when a woman was stoned to death in the "holy" city of Qom.  My 1994 article entitled "Stop Stoning Iranian Women" started a lot of human rights activities, and at least nowadays IRI has stopped the stoning, although still in the IRI laws it is allowed.


We all remember the stoning of a porn star in Iran when the prison guards had raped her and then they stoned her to death in Evin prison to cover their atrocities.  We all know about Zahra Kazemi, the Iranian-Canadian journalist who was murdered by IRI officials in Iran just a few months ago at the time of anniversary of July 9th (18-Tir) students movement, and the murder report was delayed so that the 18-Tir students movement would not get more reason to rise. 


Why does IRI murder women who have stood up in self-defense to the oppression of IRI and its guards, inside Evin in the case of Zahra Kazemi, and in the office of the police in the case of Afsaneh Norouzi who is now being executed.   Isn't it so obvious that they started suppressing the women's resistance from the first months after the revolution with the slogan of yA roosari yA toosari (either wear a scarf or get hit on your head). 


Isn't is obvious that if the Jews were the easy target for fascist, the women are easy target of Islamists to scare the rest of the population not to resist them?


Do we remember when IRI drew the line for women from the first days after the 1979 Revolution?  It is now 24 years and the same thugs who chanted that dreadful slogan of yA roosari yA toosari still run IRI and the streets of Iran, and some of them like Khakhali are now called "reformist", and when any woman resists their attack, they answer it with their guns.  Now when someone like Afsaneh Norouzi has resisted a rape attack by the IRI police, and the policeman has been killed, in the books of IRI she has the guilt of all the women who have or would have resisted IRI oppression all these years.


In the 21st Century, in Iran, which even had a modern Constitutional Movement 100 years ago, the women are being forced to wear veil and scarf, and the IRI fascism has become so "normalized" that no international body like UN even mentions these fascist laws anymore.  All these discriminations have been "normalized" and the IRI lobbyists are the force in the West to normalize this fascism.  If Hitler's fascism had stayed in power this long, perhaps such sense of making it "normal", which the likes of Chamberlain stood for, would have become the "norm" in Europe and the U.S.


It is time that the world starts dropping this sense of accepting the IRI fascist laws against women as "normal".  The crimes of IRI against women are *not* done extrajudiciarily.  The IRI law of the land is a criminal law and this fascism is *not* normal and needs to be condemned.  Iranian women deserve the minimum freedom not to wear a veil or scarf and be allowed to defend themselves against police rapists 


The Iranian virgin girls do not deserve to be raped by Revolutionary Guards and then executed as was done to the opposition members because Islamism requires not to execute virgins.  When is the world and the UN going to put a stop to these atrocities  and not treat IRI as a legitimate state. 


What is the difference between the IRI laws and Taliban?  Please read my article of 1994 below and see how far Iran has moved from such atrocities and how far Afghanistan has moved from those days and judge for yourself:


Please sign the following petition of Amnesty International to save the life of Afsaneh Norouzi:



Hoping for a Futurist, Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
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Sept 30, 2003






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