Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي The End of 40 Years of Prince Reza Pahlavi's Monarchy in USA

Sam Ghandchi

پایان 40 سال پادشاهیِ رضا پهلوی در آمریکا

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For the last 40 years, Prince Reza Pahlavi had the opportunity to continue the legacy of Pahlavi Monarchy in the United States, which has been discussed extensively (1).  The last attempt of Prince Reza Pahlavi to form a group four months ago, this time called Farshgard (2), ended his monarchy in the USA. Majority of the individuals in Farshgard were honest people searching for a way out of the darkness of Islamic regime of Iran, the same way "The Constitutionalist Party of Iran" (3) was founded by the late Dr. Daryoush Homayoun (4) and was comprised of honest people wanting to end the Islamic regime in Iran, and later again, but before Farashgard, the same road was traveled by a group called "National Council of Iran" (5). All these groups, one after the other, failed not because of lack of hard work of their members or due to financial problems, rather they failed, either because of a direct program to restore Monarchy in Iran, or indirect by deception of supporting a republic at the same time but trying to sell the return of Pahlavi Monarchy, which does not work for Iran as explained succinctly and clearly by Dr. X of IPC (6). The speech of Prince Reza Pahlavi at Washington Institute a week ago was the last straw that broke the camel's back (7). Prince Reza Pahlavi hoped to show himself as the choice of President Trump and the United States for Iran, to gain the support of Iranian people and opposition. He failed in all three objectives and this was the last chapter in the 40-year-monarchy of Prince Reza Pahlavi.  It all showed that after 40 years, Prince Reza Pahlavi was not able to create any real organization among the Iranian people, the same problem the two Pahlavi monarchs before him, struggled with! I wish the best for Prince Reza Pahlavi and his family as we are heading for New Year of 2019.


But, I also believe this new clarity about the end of legacy of Pahlavi monarchy in the USA, will help the Iranian opposition to work with a focus to usher in a Futurist Secular Democratic Republic for Iran (8), the same way a Futurist Secular and Democratic Republic of United States was founded clearly and successfully, two and a half centuries ago. To do this, we cannot rely on any failed Islamic or Communist ideology and formation of futurist secular democratic parties in Iran is the key to achieve our goal. At different junctures of this journey we may unite with various political forces, but the main thing to do now, is to focus our primary efforts on growing the futurist secular democratic republican parties, inside and outside of Iran. Iranian Secular Democratic Party [Futurist] (9), that was formed more than three years ago and was officially announced in September 2016, is the best example of the road ahead for serious activists of Iran, a party which is very similar to <The Democratic-Republican Party> formed by Thomas Jefferson in 1792 and later its name was changed to the <Democratic Party>. All other pseudo activism, hoping to defeat Islamic regime of Iran, by showing up an Ace in a gamble, as hoped for in the last 40 years, is doomed to fail, and will waste the lives and time of Iranian activists for another 40 years.  A true leadership that wants to achieve these objectives, needs a party with clear and transparent platform (10). It is OK for Iranian society to have the freedom for Communists, Monarchists, or Islamists, all having their own parties, and it is surely fine to work with them in various coalitions at different junctures, but it is wrong to lie about one's true beliefs in order to stay in the same party together, which can end up in disappointments and backfire at the end (11).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
21, 2018




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