Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Response to Horrific Attack on CNN, Oct 24, 2018, in US

Sam Ghandchi

پاسخی به حمله وحشتناک به سی اِن اِن، 24 ماه اکتبر 2018 در آمریکا


P.S. 10/30/18: CNN's Wrong Solution for Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre:




Today, Oct 24, 2018, bombs were sent out to targets in the US including CNN office in New York, Clintons' and Obamas' residences. A horrific news. CNN blames Donald Trump's rhetoric of midterm elections. Personally I disagree. Democracy means free speech and if anybody resorts to violence when bothered by speech, it is not right to blame the president or anybody else exercising their democratic rights of free speech. Also I remember the atrocity of Oklahoma bombing when in the first days of investigations, nobody even imagined a person like Timothy McVeigh with such ideology to be the criminal. Whether the perpetrators of today's crime to be White Supremacists, or Anarchists with ideas like Occupy Wall Street, or some Islamist terrorists, no extremist anarchist terrorist can blame their action on the rightful exercise of free speech in the United States and their violence is condemned. As noted a year ago, "In Trump's First Year, US Democracy Proved again to be Resilient" (1) and now at the end of second year of Trump's presidency, American democracy continues to be robust.  Gun control is not the answer either and we just need to protect public places the same way we protect the airports (2)


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

October 24, 2018





1. In Trump's First Year, US Democracy Proved again to be Resilient
در سال اول ترامپ، دموکراسی آمریکا استقامت خود را دوباره ثابت کرد


2. CNN's Wrong Solution to Confront Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre 
راه حل غلط سی اِن اِن برای مقابله با قتل عام کنیسه پیتزبورگ









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