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Sam Ghandchi
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Thirty three years ago, I published a paper in AI Journal entitled "Intelligent Tools: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization" (1).  In the last three decades, AI software approach has basically changed from Expert Systems to Neural Networks. AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) still uses the same approach. But AI hardware is favoring nanobot development to humanoids. In fact AI hardware in 1985 as noted in the paper was focused on vision systems and artificial development of other human senses as well as locomotion which are similar to human organismal structure of human senses and limbs, whereas today's nanobots resemble human genetic structure as the main focus. I believe the humanoid approach can be more fruitful because humans are the most advanced species we know and if we can copy human functionality artificially, transferring human intelligence to that artificial body has a better chance to be achieved. And of course such a body would not need to have all internal organs such as kidneys or liver. But we need to mimic the external organs to make a workable body to transfer our consciousness. I believe biological approach to end death has proven to be more formidable than thought 10 years ago (2).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

July 17, 2018





1. Intelligent Tools: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization-Second Edition
ابزار هوشمند: شالوده تمدنی نوین


2. Genetics Cannot End Death
ژنتیک نمی تواند به مرگ پایان دهد

Ray Kurzweil's Response to Genetics and Death Topic
پاسخ کرزوایل به بحث ژنتیک و مرگ
















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