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Sam Ghandchi
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It may seem strange to talk of Nostalgia for the Future but about half a century ago, science fiction stories such as Star Trek depicted a future that today we may talk of its nostalgia! At that time, in comparison, the socialist futurists viewed the human to be constant and considered economic, social and political relations to be the subject of change. Today although genetic change of humans has been a focus of attention by futurists for quite some time, but basically development of a New Variant (1), not through genetic change but rather artificially, seems to be more realistic and the reason is the side-effects of the first option. At any rate, this article is not about the future of humanity and is about electronic space music. Today I was listening to a space music album by Steve Roach entitled "Nostalgia for the Future" which I had not heard before and I especially liked the last track entitled "For the Future" (2). In the past I had heard other works of Steve Roach which I had noted in my article about New Age Music written 30 years ago (3).  This kind of music for many like this author has meditative effect after listening to it for 30 to 40 times. Of course, others such as my late friend Jack Li who passed away 24 years ago and had written a very valuable piece about Zen Meditation (4), used Koans and as explained by Jack in that article, the goal is to communicate with our inner self, and even among the Buddhists, some like the Zen practitioners, use Koans, whereas other Buddhists may use music or Mandala paintings for mediation.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

May 15, 2018





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