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Sam Ghandchi

کالت های تازه ای می خواهند افراد را درست کنند

In 1980's when Communism was starting to collapse, many new cults popped up everywhere in the world, claiming to have the recipe for a better human and an ideal world. In contrast to the cults of previous eras, these cults were hardly political and were mostly religious or psychological and many of them were called New Age. A book by the name of "Snapping" was one of the best explanations of that phenomena which was written by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman who also wrote a very interesting related article entitled "Information Disease" published in Science Digest in 1982 (1).


Many political cults in the past three hundred years had either evaporated or grown to political parties; also many religious cults of the past two millennia had similarly evaporated or grown into new religions; but the psychological cults of the 1980's generally ended up in many people getting damaged psychologically as Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman explained in their work.


A similar phenomena has developed in the first two decades of 21st Century when many promises of new technologies did not materialize and being in a cult bubble replaced real achievements and thus the new cults ended up the same way as their predecessors and as Eric Fromm once noted they were the "Escape from Freedom." Spirituality and meditation has nothing to do with being in a psychological or religious cult (2).


Political parties serve a specific purpose even in the modern society and it makes perfect sense to create political parties or be a member of existing parties that correspond to the needs of today's society, but again and again it seems like the best way to make a better person is freedom to choose rather than making cults, and although freedom fails for some, to succeed to improve and correct themselves to reach their full potential, but for most people freedom is what works the best.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
October 20, 2017




1. Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, Information Disease (by authors of Snapping, about cults)


2. Jack Li, Zen Meditation



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