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Sam Ghandchi


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Discussing the issue of possible military attack on Iran is not anything new and has been talked about for many years by those supporting and opposing such action (1).


At the start of Iraq's invasion of Iran, many Iranian intellectuals feeling the vibes between Iran and Iraq saw it coming long before the start of the war and spoke against such a possibility.  Being one of those, unfortunately did not communicate anything about my thoughts at the international level. Two days before Iraq's attack on Iran, I just happened to travel to Khorramshahr visiting a few friends and shared my thoughts with them noting all the political vibes in the press, that it was imminent, and the need to do anything possible to stop a war from starting. Two days later with my bus ticket to go back home to Tehran, while walking on the street, heard the first shots from Iraqi army and saw Iran's first line of defense on the streets of Khorramshahr, taking position. We all know the rest and what happened to Iran and Iraq for 8 years.


Today when remembering those days, think that people like me should have communicated our view about the course of events, and especially should have clearly stated our position about the attack on Iran, in no uncertain words, to the international community. What value is there that years later we found out about some of Iran's opposition leaders secretly making deals with Saddam Hussein? At the international scale, all the actions of Iranian opposition were limited to tactical approach in talks with various international entities.


This time we need to clearly submit our position to the international community; e.g. with a full page ad in New York Times, having the signature of  Iranians who are against any military attack on Iran.  The cost of such an effort can be raised from those who will sign the statement.  We cannot expect those who want an attack on Iran, to sign such a statement, or work and pay for such transparent actions. Such a statement, will be a clear stand by all those who want to speak up on this issue to the international community, to inform them that we who have signed it, *unconditionally* oppose any military attack on Iran.


I would like to suggest to the readers to share your views about this proposed action in the "safhe shomaa" section of IranGlobal web site.



Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor

December 28, 2011



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