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Sam Ghandchi

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Yesterday I had an appointment with cleaners for cleaning my apartment at 10 AM. They have agreed to charge me their regular price although I have asked them to come here every three months and I always leave home one hour before they arrive so that I would not be in their way when they work. They sent me an email at 10:42 AM yesterday as follows although I received their email with almost three hours delay which is *not* usual:


"I’m inside already but one of the stove bottom was open a lot of gas smells at the apartment really dangerous
Just wanted to let you know."


They sent me the following email at 5:41 PM after they were done but I did not receive the email till 6 hours later at 11:36 PM which is also very unusual:


"Hi Sam I hope you find everything good
The apartment is clean , just be careful about the stove gas switch hopefully that never happens again.
Thank you"


Maybe when I had left my apartment, my body had robbed on the gas switch, I do not know! It is a very old gas stove and I have been told the whole complex will change from gas stoves to electric ones and hopefully this kind of incident cannot happen to me in the future. I like the new apartment they moved me in about three months ago because contrary to my old apartment, when it rains the ceiling does not leak, although the parking still has a lot of pit holes which makes me fall at times and they do not have the budget to repair it but I have a great management. I live in a low-income apartment housing.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
October 24, 2023

























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