Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Dear Friends, Will Not Publish Anything Next Week
Sam Ghandchi

دوستان عزیز، هفته ی آینده چیزی منتشر نمی کنم

P.S. 06/04/22: Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time

P.S. 05/31/22: Dear Friends, I did not follow doctor's order this month and my leg pain and toothache have gotten worse and I need to solve these problems as they may be related to my cancer.  My landlord's repair of my apartment is continuing and when it rains, the ceiling of my utility room leaks and they have cut the ceiling and beside the pipes of upstairs and downstairs now they are going to change the kitchen floor of the apartment upstairs! Anyways this building is very old and these things are "normal" here and I cannot expect more because this is a low-income apartment. At any rates till next notice, I need to deal with my medical and ordinary life issues and cannot do new publishing work. Please for anything, contact my dear friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala who has been of great help to me during all this time. Thank you. SG

P.S. 04/24/2022: Sorry, my plans were delayed. Will announce when I am done. SG

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Dear Friends, I will not publish anything next week. The ceiling of the apartment where I live now leaks when it rains and they will be repairing it. The management has offered me another apartment but the stairs are bad and because of cancer treatment my legs are in pain and fragile and I can fall. So hopefully all will be OK in a week or so and will be back. Also about a month ago, I wrote about how if you like, you can give this author financial help and there is no need to repeat here again. If you need anything from me, please contact my friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala. All the best!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

April 23,















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