Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Connection of Metropol and Cinema Rex: Political Islam
Sam Ghandchi

ارتباط متروپل و سینما رکس: اسلام سیاسی

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Golden thread between 'Collapse of Metropol Building in Abadan, Iran,' last week, and 'Arson of Cinema Rex in Abadan,' six months before the Iranian 1979 Revolution, is nothing but 'Political Islam!' Four years ago, the author Ali Sajjadi, in his book about the arson of Cinema Rex, showed how some prominent IRI Reformists, including Hashem Sabbaghian, were involved in that crime of Islamists! Last week, a journalist by the name of Saeed Hafezi, on May 24, 2022, in an interview in Persian with Radio Payam of Canada, said how he had reported a year ago in a video about Metropol building violations by Islamic Regime (IRI)'s officials; and ever since, he and his family had been threatened by IRI Officials! Mr. Hafezi has now  posted the video on his twitter account but I was not able to find the link to the original source of video on the Internet from last year (If I find it, I will later add the link as a postscript to this note right here)! Also so far there are no announcements by the government of Iran of names of IRI officials at the top who have been involved in this fiasco!


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