Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Sideline: Practice for Formal Welcoming of Imam-Zaman into Iran
Sam Ghandchi

حاشیه: تمرین مراسم استقبال رسمی از امام زمان در ایران

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A while back, in the twitter account of my friend Dr. Esmail Nooriala, I saw a video entitled 'Practice for Formal Welcoming of Imam-Zaman in Iran,' and retweeted it in Iranscope twitter acct!  I never asked Dr. Nooriala about the source of this video but found it interesting, and even hilarious, as it demonstrates the *literal* understanding of religious myths, both among the Iranian Shiites who are believers and their opponents! As the readers may know, the majority of Iranians belong to the Twelver Shi'ism branch of Islam, with a belief in the disappearance of the 12th Imam of Shiites (Mahdi), into a *well* around 12 centuries ago, and are waiting for his return to usher in justice in the world! Near the city of Qom in Iran, believers think the noted *well*, is located, and some people such as Islamic Regime 's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, literally believe in this story and he along with his cabinet visited the site of that *Jamkaran Well* very often! As a child, I had visited that place with my family long before the success of the Islamic regime in Iran, and in those days, it was hardly more than an abandoned *well*! The word *literal* is what I would like to emphasize, both regarding those among the believers of this story, who remind me of Ash'ariyyah because of their *literalism*, and their opponents because of the same reason! Similar beliefs in Christianity also had this kind of *literal* interpretations in Middle Ages! Today when I see people in the West who oppose such religious myths, it is more with a sense of *mystery* and *awe* with a respectful tone, the same way a child says farewell to Santa Clause! Songs like Into the Air Tonight' by Phil Collins who is a Popperian in his views, or REM's 'Losing my Religion,' give me that sense of *awe* with a respectful tone, rather than a literal rejection of such religious imagery! I also wrote my thoughts a few weeks ago about how I see the world, in an article entitled 'Two Choices Beyond Kurzweil's Singularity!'



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

January 6,















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