Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Two Choices Beyond Kurzweil's Singularity
Sam Ghandchi

دو گزینه در فراسوی سینگولاریته ی کرزوایل

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Ray Kurzweil's Comment of November 23, 2021
, printed here with his permission: You raise a lot of issues. It seems well reasoned. I would not say that biological life will go away. It will still be there. We will add to it, even though the addition will be ultimately billions of times more powerful. Looks good. Best of luck on this holiday and beyond!




Four years ago in an article entitled 'Many Paths Beyond Singularity as Proposed by Kurzweil,' I discussed how I was wrong 8 years ago in 'Two Paths Beyond Singularity,' where I had argued for the superiority of the biological path to nonbiological at Kantian synthetic truth, and Ray Kurzweil was right when he said: "I disagree that biological intelligence will be better than nonbiological intelligence at anything come the 2030s." Ray was totally right that going beyond Singularity will be synonymous with becoming nonbiological! In that article, I also wrote: "Since AI will be the driving intelligence once we reach the point of Singularity, we need to find out the Universal Constants that would shape the potential worlds that AI can make, whether our biological brain can comprehend such eventualities or not." Less than two months ago in an article entitled 'A Comment: Bret Stetka's Book about Evolution of Brain,' I further elaborated my discussion about our brain and wrote "if we reverse engineer this brain, maybe the best we can hope for would be a more evolved version of what we have achieved during the previous millions of years, and in a shorter time span but not an intelligence fundamentally different capable of creating a 'universe' with other universal parameters, and until then we have no way to view the universe we have understood so far, in a real objective way. We simply need a fundamentally new brain or intelligence to be able to do that." I would like to point out another issue here too, i.e. looking for intelligent life in our universe and beyond, has been a game that we may never win, because as we know, our universe is 13.8 billion years old and has expanded since the first second of Big Bang and currently the size of our universe is about 90 billion light years, in other words we continuously get farther from other solar systems, galaxies, etc that might have possible intelligent life, biological or not! Now as I wrote before, in my view, "when it comes to RNA/DNA, everything is just CGAU/CGAT based! In other words, if life had originally evolved on Earth, we should have traced remnants of life-forms based on other kinds of nucleobases, even if they did not all survive, in other words should have seen the same kind of multitudes as we see in the geological formations, which have developed on Earth during its 5 billion year evolution, and or like the various species that have evolved on Earth since the inception of RNA/DNA on Earth, whereas we do not see such variety of nucleobases on Earth at all and have not found any traces of it either, thus the CGAU/CGAT should have been developed elsewhere, where the other competing nucleobases may still be found, or their traces can be detected, i.e. at the location where our RNA common ancestor had originated from!"* In other words, I believe that biological life is *not* unique to Earth, but, nonetheless, because of the dimensions of our universe being 90 billion light years and continuously increasing, makes the search for intelligent life beyond our solar system may be more formidable than creating our own universe right here using AI with universal parameters that would best suit us! Also at the current juncture of human evolution, we see male prostate cancer and female breast/ovarian cancer as the main killer cancers, not because of being the worst cancer, which they are not and Leukemia/Lymphoma or Bone Cancers are worse, but the reason is that the largest number of people developing cancer are those diagnosed with prostate and breast/ovarian cancer! Some people argue that increase of cancer in our times, is because of people living longer. Maybe they are right about other cancers, but I do not believe people living longer is the reason for the huge increase of prostate and breast/ovarian cancers that relate to human *productive systems*. It seems to me that humans are due for a major evolutionary step and cancer of human productive systems is its byproduct, and perhaps singularity will precede the evolutionary jump of human species, by ending our biological existence!


Finally I would like to thank Ray Kurzweil for his help before I write this article. As all my readers are aware, I have been dealing with the return of my prostate cancer for almost a year as I last wrote about it about 10 days ago in an article entitled 'Need Some Rest.' Ray Kurzweil was very kind and sent me a note on November 11, 2021 where he wrote: "I am very sorry to hear about your treatment and pain. I very much hope we can overcome this very soon. I believe we will overcome cancer over the next few years." And in response I wrote "BTW this is the way I think about this whole thing. If I do not die today, I will die tomorrow as long as I am a biological entity." And two days later on November 13, 2021, Ray Kurzweil wrote to me that, "But we are not going to stay a biological entity. We will replace our organs with nanoengineered solutions. We will connect our neocortex to the cloud. The power of the cloud will grow exponentially whereas our biological part will stay the same. We will eventually be over 99% electronic and the contents of that will be backed up thousands of times. So we need to stay alive to get to that point." And my reply was: "I absolutely 100% agree with you and hopefully will live to see it. As always thank you for caring." Today on November 24, 2021, I am quoting all this dialogue with Ray Kurzweil's permission and he sent me the following final comment now about this whole article as follows: "You raise a lot of issues. It seems well reasoned. I would not say that biological life will go away. It will still be there. We will add to it, even though the addition will be ultimately billions of times more powerful. Looks good. Best of luck on this holiday and beyond!" My thanks to Ray Kurzweil for taking the time and caring especially at this busy time of the year and tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. My best wishes for the Holiday Season to Ray and all my readers.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

November 24,















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