sam-ghandchi Masih Alinejad Reports: Saba Kord-Afshari's Life is in Danger

Saba Kord-Afshari is kept in Qarchak prison where her life is threatened by certain violent prisoners

Sam Ghandchi

گزارش مسیح علینژاد: جان صبا کرد افشاری در خطر است

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Yesterday, Masih Alinejad reported on her twitter that Saba Kord-Afshari's life in Qarchak prison in Iran is in danger by certain violent prisoners. Saba Kord-Afshari is a bright 23-year-old woman with a potential of being the future leader of Iran. Saba Kord-Afshari was arrested in 2018 with her mother Raheleh Ahmadi and two of her friends Yasaman Aryani and Monireh Arabshahi (Yasaman's mother) and their "crime" was passing rose flowers in Tehran's metro to other women on International Women's Day, while removing headscarf from their head to around their neck; they all received prison sentences! Saba Kord-Afshari received a 23-year-prison sentence and the four of them are still in prison! It is regrettable that such a bright young political leader in Iran not only has received such a long prison term and is kept in the notorious Qarchak prison which is resembled to Bastille, but she is also treated with such cruelty in prison putting her life in danger by proximity to violent prisoners. My thanks to Masih Alinejad who has been a voice for Iranian women by starting White Wednesdays movement in Iran, i.e. a secular democratic initiative, and despite the terror attempt by Islamic Republic of Iran agents on Masih's life in New York just two months ago, and the continuous death threats she receives even from some members of Iran's so-called parliament, she keeps speaking for Iranian people's human rights abroad! At the end, I should note that I have never had the honor of meeting any of those mentioned in this article, like most others noted in all my articles! Tomorrow I will start my Radiation Therapy that continues for two months and will still try to publish depending on my situation. I wish you all the best.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
Sept 7, 2021


















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