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رنجها و آرزوها

P.S. 06/04/22: Unfortunately Cannot Continue Publishing at This Time

P.S. 11/11/21: Need Some Rest

P.S. 10/06/21: Dear Friends, As you know I am in the middle of radiation and hormonal therapy and do not feel well and have a bad leg pain too and I cannot afford the co-pays to do something about it. In the last few days I did not follow medical instructions and continued with my publication works. For the next month, I do not think I can continue these activities and as noted before I have passed the web page of Futurist Party and all its social networks to ISDP friends. With best wishes for all. SG.

P.S. 08/15/21: Dear Friends, I am generally very tired these days, and by end of next week will start Radiation Therapy to continue for 2 months. Hopefully will contribute as usual after October 20th. Also during the next two months, will publish whenever my health allows. Wishing you all the best. SG

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Three days ago, i.e. June 18, 2021, was a historic day for Iran. The so-called 'presidential election' of Islamic so-called "Republic" of Iran (IRI) turned into a peaceful referendum of the regime when according to IRI's own statistics, 75 percent of eligible voters in Tehran and more than 50 percent all over Iran abstained from participating in this election. I wrote my thoughts about the next step to arrive at a government elected by the people in an article in Persian a week ago entitled 'Futurism and Boycott of the Election' (*) and I have nothing more to add to what you can find in the Archive of Futurist Party page, except to congratulate freedom-loving Iranian people and those who supported us in the last 43 years all over the world to arrive at this turning point for Iran's struggle to form a secular democracy.  Personally as I wrote before, I had a prostate cancer surgery about three years ago. New tests recently have shown my cancer is back, and this is one of the reasons I have been mostly absent recently from the social media.


Today beside congratulating Iranian people's great achievement of the last weekend in a peaceful referendum rejecting the Islamic regime in Iran, I would like to discuss some of my thoughts about the successful mRNA-based vaccine for Corona which I had discussed before. The success of this genetic approach opens the way for possible treatment of RA, Cancer and many other diseases using mRNA to train the immune system not to attack itself in RA and train the immune system to deal with Cancer. Actually according to the Turkish couple who invented this mRNA-based vaccine for Corona, they had been working on this approach to treat cancer prior to using it for Covid-19. Once again the experience of Corona pandemic proved that religious approach in Iran could not solve the problem and scientific solutions saved humanity. Let's hope the world invests more in these genetic mRNA solutions for RA, Cancer, and other diseases when these tribulations and longings continue to shape our lives during Humanity's Nowruz in 21st Century, and with the best wishes for all!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
June 21, 2021


















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