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Sam Ghandchi


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The result of the first round of the IRI presidential election is clear now:


1. Over 35% of the people did not participate in the election.  This 35% do not seem to vote in the second round either, and the boycotting seculars comprise the main part of this grouping.


2. It is now clear that Mon's vote which represented those who still have kept the hope for Islamic Democracy rather than secularism, from supporters of nehzate azadi to those of hezbe mosharekat, from sazmane mojahedine enghelabe eslami to hezbe toodeh and others, are a small percentage, and will be compelled either to accept the Islamic Democracy of mollahs like Karroubi who have even called for intervention of valie fahih in this election, or they can farewell to this defeated path and join the rows of Iranian seculars.


What is the goal?

1. The goal of Islamic Republic is to choose the best president to preserve the Islamic Republic.


2. The goal of the people's movement is to find the best way to end the Islamic Republic, and this way one day meant to turn the table towards IRI, and to choose Khatami who was not the main choice of IRI [], and in the last two years, this has meant the boycott of the elections of City Councils, and then boycott of seventh majles election, and then yesterday it meant the boycott of the first round of the ninth presidentiual election, and next week will be the boycott of the second round of this IRI presidential election.

In reality, the best response to mob concurrence of the Islamic state is the unity of the opposition.  The opposition that was compelled to obligate itself to the petrified constitution when the people accepted that law, and today that the people's movement is calling for referendum of the constitution, it is retrogression that instead of joining this line up, to justify this obsolete constitution and to legitimize this regime, with the dream that this way it is standing up to fascism and not that it is becoming the launch pad of fascism.


Now in this second round of elections, every individual and opposition force should ask themselves whether their goal is preservation of the Islamic Republic or the victory of the people's movement to end the Islamic Republic?

1. Those who are following the first goal, that is finding the best president to preserve IRI, surely will say that Rafsanjani or Ahmadinejad are better, and will advocate for one of these two candidates.


2. Those who are following the second goal, that is finding the best way to end IRI, will boycott the second round of elections, and will expand the ranks of those who want the end of Islamic Republic.

Surely, in the next few days, some will say again that in this second round too, there will be choosing of the lesser evil, and will call one of the two candidates as more moderate.  Is the problem the fact that these two candidates had been involved in the terror of opponents abroad?  Or that one of these candidates himself and his information minister have arrest warrants for the Mykonos murders, and the other has been the planner for murdering Salman Rushdie?  Or that one of them talks of relations with the U.S., whereas during the 8 years of his presidency in the past, on one side cooperated with the Middle East terrorists and on the other hand with various tricks because of being the broker with terrorists to free a few U.S. hostages in Lebanon, calls himself the friend of the U.S., whereas the other candidate uses the pretext of Bush's first speech after IRI election as an excuse to make verbal attack on the U.S., even though other partners of his faction in Afghanistan and Iraq, in secret have cooperated with the U.S. even more than his competitor in this election, and in fact, as far as the U.S. foreign policy is concerned, they both can be partners of deals or instigators of military attack.  One of them talks of globalization, and the other talks of the expansion of technology in light of concurrence of the state.  One is a mollah which means another mollah as a president, which is hated by the people and is compelled to hire the producer of the movie marmoolak (lizard) to show himself as a good mollah and to neutralize people's hatred, and the other is not a mollah but is not less than any other fascist mollah, and like all other non-mollah oppressors of this regime, all these years has not been much less than his mollah peers in terrorizing the Iranian people.  But are all these the problem?


If one is following the first goal, meaning to find the best way to preserve IRI, I should say that choosing either one of these two candidates is fine, but for filling the pocket of the faction of one's interest, of course those who are fed by the grouping of the first candidate will vote for him, and those who are part of the second faction, will support the second candidate.  Thus for both these factions, voting for the candidate they support, is understandable.


If one is following the second goal, meaning to find the best to end IRI, not participating in the elections, is the first step to reach the ending of IRI and referendum for new constitution.  For those who in every step of this election have seen, how the IRI constitution and its Guardian Council (GC),  block the most harmless forces of "Islamic Democracy" from sharing in power, should be easy to see that singing along these criminals all these years in blocking the non-religious forces has not helped them, a lesson that decades ago, mohandes Bazaragan learned.


In reality, the boycott of election helped the dispersement of votes in this election.  And in the second round, the election of neither one of these two candidates, will not make a difference in the future of IRI for the Iranian people.  Of course the people's movement has reached this conclusion two years ago, that boycott is the best response to the selections of so-called IRI election, but perhaps never electing between two candidate, in any of IRI elections, has been this much unimportant as the election of the second round of this ninth presidential election, and the best to elect is not to elect.  At this stage, for every individual and political organization, it is very important to clearly announce whether they boycott or participate in this Second Round.


As I had written during the first round, the message of people's movement to Moin, is only one word, and that is to clearly announce the boycott of this election, and those who have spent their time and efforts for his election campaign, if they joined the one in the sit-ins in front of Evin prison and other jails of political prisoners in Iran, perhaps by now, the doors of these jails had been opened, and the likes of Akbar Ganji, Nasser Zarafshan, and Tabarzadi, would spend their life in leading Iranian state, and not in the IRI dungeons, and the likes of Abbas AmirEntezzam would have been Iran's president, not the incompetent people who are at the head of power in our society , those who have dragged the country and people of Iran into misery


Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


June 18, 2005



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