sam-ghandchi About 'Time Crystal' Discovery with Google's Quantum Computer

Sam Ghandchi

درباره ی کشف «تایم کریستال» با کامپیوتر کوانتومی گوگل

PS 01/01/22: Why Newton Matters: Making a New Universe

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Two weeks ago on July 28, 2021, a paper entitled 'Observation of Time-Crystalline Eigenstate Order on a Quantum Processor,' was published at ',' stating that Google researchers in collaboration with scientists from a few universities, using Google's Quantum Computer, were able to show a 'Time Crystal' state of matter! Basically such a state of matter if fully confirmed, would contradict Newton's First Law of Motion and will have wide range of ramifications! The notion of time crystal was first proposed by the physicist Frank Wilczek about whose scientific and philosophical ideas I wrote an article seven months ago on Jan 18, 2021. Should also mention an interesting interview of Ray Kurzweil about five months ago on March 11, 2021 about Quantum Computers. Moreover, Seth Lloyd whom Kurzweil mentions in his interview, is important to note here, not only because of Seth's pioneering scientific and technological work in the field of Quantum Computers but also for his philosophical ideas! This new discovery not only will have important impact on physics and science in general bringing quantum computers one step closer to our desks, but will also influence our philosophical thought! One more thing to note here is that when looking at the announcement, also noticed the names of a few Iranian scientists as part of this epoch-making scientific team, which is an honor for Iranians all over the world!


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