GhandchiقندچيIRI Terrorists' Death Threats from inside U.S. Soil

Sam Ghandchi


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I am an Iranian author and like many other colleagues have received all kinds of death threats from terrorist of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran), over the years, which I previously wrote about in my article "Committee to Fight Death Threats" (


I have been posting on a Usenet newsgroup called SCI for years.  I was getting death threats for years, by an IRI terrorist posting on that newsgroup, who used the email address of   "" and posted from inside the U.S. soil.  At the time, I noted publicly on that forum and elsewhere, in an article with the heading of "To Police Authority"  (, that *death threat* is a crime, and has nothing to do with freedom of speech, nonetheless the abuser continued the death threats to me and my family.  Of course that specific "" address should have been easy for FBI and police authorities to detect, and many others were also threatened by this poster and said that they had reported to the authorities, and I am sure they should know who the poster was.


I mostly ignored these threats till yesterday that he called me on the phone, which I will explain in the next paragraph.  But first let me note that the above named poster does not use that alias on SCI whenever the heat on terrorism is high in the U.S. but comes back.  He also uses other aliases which are hard to trace and although with the other aliases he attacks IRI and calls the pro-democracy activists as communist and Kord, to look like he is part of some faction of the opposition, but the words he uses give him out.  On April 5th, the IRI agent sent me an email from the IP address of  "" ( with all kinds of attacks on me and my family. I posted it on SCI publicly, and wrote that his threats cannot kill democracy for me and other Iranians, which he tries to kill for us even when we are living in a democracy in the U.S.


Now about the death threat phone call of this terrorist.  Yesterday, that is April 5, 2005 at 11:45AM PDT, I received a phone call from the IRI agent from the phone number 603-629-9543  ( inside the U.S. soil, making death threats to me and my family and repeating my home address, and that he was coming with a gun to get me and my family in half hour. He was saying that he lived in Orange County and when I said his number showed 603 area code on caller ID, he was taken aback saying that it was a calling card not traceable which btw is not true and with the time and date info above when he had talked for 20 minutes on the phone, the source of the call should be traceable.


I believe in freedom of speech but an abuser calling me at home making death threat is committing a crime. If I had the time, I would trace this terrorist and would pass him to the authorities. Unfortunately I am just an author and cannot spend my time on detective work. But not to worry, there are others who care to trace abusers like him, and that is why I post all the info of any death threats for general information.


As I noted, over the years, the death threats by "" had been reported to authorities by many other posters of SCI.  True that these criminals are able to waste my time talking to them on the phone and posting his nonsense on the net, but basically I ignore his kind whether when they send email or when they post on SCI or even when they call me on the phone.


I like to discuss issues that *I* want to discuss and do not allow terrorists to dictate to me how to think and what to discuss or not to discuss, which is the kind of distraction they like to make.  I do not care what this man's goal is. He can be an IRI agent trying to make me think he is from some factions of the opposition, or he could be a crazy person from some factions of the opposition, or he could just be a crazy person. It does not matter, death threat is a crime, period. And he and his kind should not be allowed to kill democracy for me and others, to express our views even when living in a democracy like the U.S.  This is why I publicly share all this info.


Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


April 6, 2005



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