Phone Death Threat from Phone Number 603-629-9543



On April 5th at 11:45AM PDT at the IRI agent called me on the phone.  He introduced himself as Kourosh with a bogus last name. He repeated the same family insults and abuses on the phone calling me komonist and kord. He had an AbAdAni accent which matches how he has introduced himself on SCI as being from khoozestan of Iran and having served in Iran-Iraq War. He said he now lives in Orange County. I told him but his number shows 603-629-9543 on the caller ID. He was taken aback, and said that is a calling card he is using and cannot be traced (BTW he is wrong. Because a calling card used 20 minutes on a call should not be hard to see from what phone it has been dialed). He made death threats to me saying that he had a gun and was in my area and was coming to my home in half an hour, repeating my home address, but he has not showed up yet, and it has been 24 hours now. 


Even if he never shows up, just making the death threats is a crime. I told him that I am not afraid of him and terrorists like him and I told him it shows he is the coward hiding behind a pseudo-name and pseudo- phone number and pseudo-email address, whereas I have all my info on the net. So kind of cowards these terrorists are. They are pahlavoon (strongman) when people are in Evin prison in their torture chambers, the way they murdered the journalist Zahra Kazemi.