Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيIranian Intellectuals and Issue of Referendum

Sam Ghandchi


Persian Version


Some of our Iranian intellectuals talk of monarchy and republic as if they are talking of a democratic country.  For example they say "I personally prefer the republic but I if the people want monarchy, I will respect the people 's vote of a referendum for monarchy or republic." Many of the friends who are from the independent democratic forces of Iran unconsciously this way are helping the Myth of Democratic Monarchy for Iran, a myth that has been once tried at the time of the fall of Reza Shah in 1941, with the crowning of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.


This is misleading people to give such an impression of the current dispute of monarchy and republic in Iran.  If these intellectuals really themselves prefer the republic, they should note that many times Iranian monarchy had used special situations to come back to power, and the best respect to the vote of the people is, to understand the vote that Iranian people gave with their blood to overthrow the monarchy, and the charlatans who under the banner of referendum want to bring back the monarchy to Iran, are not after respecting people's wishes, and the first day after the fall of the Islamic Republic, the most important issue will be protecting democracy in face of these swindlers, and their MKO allies.


Let's not let them to mislead our people after all these sacrifices, and to use all these endeavors to bring back the power and wealth of the Pahlavi family to Iran.  This is the least duty if our intellectuals at this time, a time that Islamic Republic of Iran is near fall.  We should not like the 1979, when Khomeini used the situation, this time the monarchy to use this situation to come back to power.


Referendum is for ending the theocracy and to establish secularism, and is not to decide between republic and monarchy, which our people already decided 25 years ago with their blood.  If Reza Pahlavi was sincere in calling himself an ordinary citizen, he would have announced the end of monarchy, and would have helped the referendum for creating a secular republic, not that his agents on one hand are using a part of Iranian left, and on the other hand, in their radios, TVs, and publications, they call the independent democratic forces of Iran as toodehii and separatist.


I am one of the critics of the left, but in the world of today, and especially in Iran, the main obstacle for democracy is not the left.  the main obstacles for democracy in Iran are Islamic Republic (IRI), retrun of monarchy, and mojAhedine khalgh organization (MKO), three fascist forces that have no respect for democracy, and are not part of Iran's pro-democracy movement, and allow *personal* attacks to the degree of torture and execution, for political disagreement with their political systems.


If they are not in power, they do *personal* attack in response to political opposition, and if they are in power, like the Savak of the Shah, and its continuation the Savamma of IRI, they torture and murder the political opponents, or they treat the opponents like the MKO didm, using the brutal jails of Saddam.


As I have written before, the only way to end IRI is to dissolve monarchy and MKO:


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


Oct 1, 2004