Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Kurzweilian Futurism and Corona: Pharmaceuticals Cannot Solve the Problem by Themselves
Sam Ghandchi
آینده نگری کرزوایلی و کرونا: شرکتهای داروسازی نمی توانند به تنهایی مشکل را حل کنند

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Lot of claims are being made on behalf of pharmaceutical researchers to find the solution for Corona pandemic. Pharmaceuticals rely on more fundamental biomedical research done by government institutions such as NIH and universities that rely on NIH funding because that kind of research is very costly and pharmaceuticals have not developed that kind of expertise, tools and other resources needed to perform such a job and they always have relied on those institutions and use their results. Unfortunately as noted before, all that type of research funding was cut off from NIH and universities in 2013. All that research needs to be revived using simulation as discussed by Kurzweil, and all empty promises made on behalf of pharmaceuticals will just remain as empty promises. It is true doing this will take time relative to quick pseudo-solutions promised on behalf of pharmaceuticals but the sooner we start, the sooner we will have a real solution, there is no way around it.


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Sam Ghandchi

May 15, 2020
















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