Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Futurism Suffered a Major Setback due to Wrong Expectations from Genetics
Sam Ghandchi
عقبگرد عمده ی آینده نگری به دلیل انتظارات غلط از ژنتیک

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Ray Kurzweil's Comment:

From: Ray Kurzweil 8:47 PM 9/9/2019
To: Sam Ghandchi

Subject: hi ray, if you have any input, please let me know. thx, sam
Yes, thanks.
One of the primary goals of AI is to simulate biology. That will combine the powers of AI with biotechnology, with profound benefits. Then we can find examples for any biochemical problem and to actually test them in hours rather than years. Just this month, researchers at Flinders University in Australia created a “turbocharged” flu vaccine. They used a biology simulator to find drugs that activate the human immune system. It created trillions of chemical compounds and they used another simulator to see if each one would be useful as immune-boosting drugs against this disease agent. They have an optimal flu vaccine which is now being tested. Ultimately we will rely on the simulators rather than human testing. The FDA is actually now accepting simulator results instead of human results in testing new vaccines such as this year’s flu vaccine since we can’t wait a year or more to approve it. As these simulators get richer, we will trust the simulator to do the testing and test them in hours or days rather than years. As our biology simulators get more general, this should work on all interventions in biology, particularly as we go through the 2020s.




Futurists like Daniel Bell were right not to waste their time discussing capitalism and socialism, showing us to address humanities' problems by focusing on potentials of the forthcoming post-industrial societies, i.e. Information Society, where intelligent tools are central to production and life, as we witness today, half a century later! Also, futurists like Fereidoun Esfandiary FM-2030 did not assume human biology to be constant and discussed human engineering!  And prominent thinker of our times, Ray Kurzweil took the futurist discourse to the next level by showing us the imminent Singularity, and how formation of a new variant, would shape the future, i.e. the advancement of humans beyond biology. Twenty five years ago, this change of humans was thought to start with genetic change whereas side-effects of genetic engineering itself, has created a huge impediment, and subsequently we have seen a major setback for futurism, nonetheless, information technologies *will* transform the humans to a new variant, albeit by means of medical technologies. We still need to focus on the potentials of a society based on a new variant, when seeking solutions for humanities' problems.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 9, 2019
















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