Transliteration SW for Persian Scripts


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For Iranian programmers, to develop a software (SW) program to do the following should be very easy and should not take that much time and I hope somebody does it to help everyone.


The reality is that Iranians who have been brought up in the West are more comfortable to read Persian in Latin scripts, and those who have been educated inside Iran are comfortable to read Persian in Arabic scripts.  Writing a software to *transliterate* from one set of scripts to the other, is easy, and does not take that much time to do.  Transliteration is *not* like writing a software to do automatic *translation*, that I had discussed before, which  is not that easy and will take a lot of time and resources.


Transliteration simply means to change the scripts of a Persian text from one set to another. True that the ones using Latin scripts, use different conventions.  Some like myself, when writing Persian using Latin scripts, just write the words the way they sound, and others write the words with predefined literary scripts, used by various Middle East scholars, who had used created their own conventions for writing literary works of poets like Ferdosi when writing them using Latin scripts.  Moreover, it is true that the Arabic script written on a computer can be done using different computer fonts and that can also make the conversion work more complex.


As far as I am concerned, if one makes a simple transliteration program that can convert the fonts used in standard Microsoft Word Persian fonts to a simple Latin script that would just write the words the way they sound using for example "A" for Persian "Ayeh bA kolAh", that would be enough for my needs.  This way I can write in Arabic scripts and use the converter to generate a simple Latin version of my Persian text and vice versa.


Later on, other more complex versions of the SW can be developed to support various Latin script conventions or support the multitude of Arabic fonts that are in use.  Nonetheless, to start a simple program like I described can take care of the needs of most the people who like to write and read Persian on the Internet and should be an easy task to accomplish in a short span of time. If I had the skills to do it, I would have done it myself. 


I just hope this software to be made and become available as a freeware on the net.  It can really help building a bridge between many Iranians educated inside Iran and those educated abroad.  To my knowledge there is no such software available at this time.


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


February 24, 2004


Postscript Oct 2007-The following site has an excellent program doing this now:







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