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Postscript 12/13/05-About Language Weaver

بعدالتحرير 12 دسامبر 2005-درباره برنامه ترجمه گر انگليسي فارسي  منگوج ويور

I saw the following announcement today and have not tried it yet but it sounds interesting:




Postscript 7/22/04-About Pars Translator Program

بعدالتحرير 22 ژوئيه 2004-درباره برنامه ترجمه گر انگليسي فارسي  پارس

Last week, I received info about an English-Persian Translator program called Pars.  Those interested to try it, can go to the following page and use it for up to 150 words, or can buy the desktop version which is unlimited.  Unfortunately I have not used it, and cannot comment about it:




There are now a great number of articles on the web that are of interest to readers who can only read Persian and unfortunately there is no English-Persian automatic translator available on the web.  There are many such translators available for other languages.  For example a friend of mine uses the French-English automatic translator of Google for his business and is highly satisfied with the quality of the translation. 


Of course, I am not expecting the tool to translate Shakespeare and I know that nothing can replace those human translators who masterfully have translated Shakespeare to Persian or Rumi to English and their translation is a literary work of unique quality by itself.  In fact, reading those works in the original language even has tens of different interpretations by the astute readers.  For those texts the automatic translator will be just an assistant tool for the human translator.  What I am discussing here is translation of everyday articles.


Even there are Iranians born abroad who can use Persian to English translators, not to miss on a lot of articles in Persian about Iran of today, and of course many Americans and Europeans and others who are interested in the news and articles from Iran.


Also I am not asking for this option to replace the need to learn English which is an international language and is not particular to the U.S. or U.K. natives and is a must need for anybody wanting to stay at the leading-edge of science and humanities.  In fact, many of the Iranian youth inside Iran nowadays speak and read English very well. 


And I know there are many discussions about changing the Persian scripts to Latin scripts but that is not of interest to me now.  My goal is to have the Iranians who read the current script to be able to get the English articles in translation and in the script they can read and that is almost all Iranians who currently read. 


Those reading Persian in Latin script do not exceed even 0.5% of all who can read Persian and if change to their option happens at any time, an automatic translator from that new Latin_based script to the current script will also be needed.  I see all that beyond my discussion here.


A while back I found an English-Persian automatic translator on the web.  The following is their URL:


I tried to use it but I never received any response from them when I submitted my sample text for translation.  Nonetheless if they or any other company have developed the tool, maybe companies like Google can use their work as a head start.  Actually Google already offers its services in Persian and English, so offering online translator would be the next step and I hope they do that.


Currently there are many excellent English to Persian and Persian to English dictionaries.  My favorite one is Aryanpour.  I am glad these dictionaries already exist because they are the building blocks of the automatic translator.


Let's hope that with so many Iranian experts in linguistics, computer science, English and Persian literature, the automatic translator can get created soon.


Also beside Persian, there is the need for Kurdish and Azeri translators too.  There are so many articles of interest in those languages that I see on the web and I wish I could get them translated to read.


I am glad to see that the U.S. government has helped to develop a proxy for Iranian users who are behind the IRI block of Internet: [Updated VOA Proxy Server 5/23/2005]


I hope that the US government also commissions to companies like Google to develop automatic translator for Persian-English.  These are the kind of projects that can extremely help Iranians and the Iranian Pro-Democracy movement.


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


Sept 18, 2003


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