Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Useless Discussions about Iran's 1979 Revolution
Sam Ghandchi

بحثهای بیهوده درباره انقلاب 1357 ایران

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Again this week is the anniversary of Iran's 1979 Revolution. This author has also written a book entitled 'Futurist Iran: Abating the 1979 Reactionary Revolution' which was
later published as 'Futurist Iran: Futurism vs Terrorism.'  Then why do I write 'useless discussions!' Because, let's assume we were Germans living at the time of Hitler's Fascism, when the problem of people was to counter fascism, not to delve into why a real democratic 'Weimar Republic' fell and gave its place to Fascism, a secondary topic for historians. Now, in Iran too, whatever the characteristics of Shah's regime and why IslamicKKK was able to overthrow it and rise to power Iran, for years, has been a secondary topic for historians to discuss. In fact, the rise of reactionary and backward-looking Islamism, has been a worldwide phenomena in the last half century, and not only in the Middle East, all these years, the growth of Shi'a and Sunni IslamicKKK has happened even in secular Turkey in front of our eyes, but even in the futurist, democratic and secular Europe and United States, this phenomena can be clearly observed. As a result, today the main problem is not the question of how IslamicKKK was able to succeed in Iran of 1979 but the main discussion is about the correct worldwide strategy to counter it, a topic that was discussed three days ago in an article entitled 'Game-changer: Countering IslamicKKK.'


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
February 3, 2020
















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