Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Game-changer: Countering IslamicKKK
Sam Ghandchi

گیم چنجر: مقابله با کوکلاکس کلانهای اسلامی

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For half a century, the world has been faced with IslamicKKK that is determined to role back history to 1400 years ago, but secular powers have relied on mutual containment such as Sunni Taliban, Al-Qaedeh, and Daesh versus Shi'a Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI), Iraqi Hashd-ol-Shaabi, Lebanese Hezbollah, etc. Recently a game-changer happened in Syria and Iraq but has not been grasped by world powers yet. Five years ago, a Global Secular Initiative was suggested which was basically ignored. Why? The reality is that the opposition in the world has been the *left*  for more than a century. If you look at Iran at the time of the Shah, the opposition abroad like Confederation of Iranian Students which was basically leftist, was very powerful and strong against the Shah, but in the last 40 years, even the existence of Iran's opposition abroad is hardly felt and political groups such as NIAC that are close to US Democratic Party and the Left, in the United States, are basically supporting the IslamicKKK regime of Iran, and not fighting it, although this regime murdered Iranian left from the start. This is not surprising. When Hitler murdered the left, still the left worldwide fought the Western democracies such as the US rather than fighting Hitler. It was only after the Soviet Union, US and UK joined as Allied forces against Hitler, that the Left started to seriously make Hitler's fascism their priority. With regards to IslamicKKK, until a time, a secular coalition is formed worldwide to challenge it, and as long as it is hoped to counter it by mutual containment of Shi'a version and the Sunni version, and until the Left seriously joins such a coalition to counter IslamicKKK, the IslamicKKK will survive. In Iran's opposition, lot of the regime's opponents inside Iran think the weakness of Iranian opposition abroad is its ideological differences. True that for example, we the futurists have our own agreements and differences with the left, but the real reason for the weakness of Iranian opposition abroad is not this factor. The main body of the opposition whether at the time of the Shah or in the last 41 years, has been the Left, but the Left at the time of the Shah were clearly opposed to his regime as a pro-Western system, whereas the Left is not clearly opposed to IRI regime, even despite recent tragedies, and actually the Left fights the West more than they fight IRI and its supporters including Russia and China. If Russia and China join a coalition with Western Democracies to counter IslamicKKK worldwide, surely the whole attitude of the Left worldwide will change, but such a hope is a big *if* for now.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 31, 2020
















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