Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Discussions about Taliban on SCI before Sept 11th
Sam Ghandchi

بحثهایی درباره طالبان در «اس سی آی» چند ماه قبل از یازدهم سپتامبر

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Before 2001, there was no Facebook or Twitter and the discussions of Iranians on the Internet were done on a social network called SCI which was on Usenet and about 95 percent of discussions were in English. Almost 9 months before the heinous al-Qaeda Sept 11th attack on WTC of New York, the crimes of Taliban in Afghanistan had escalated and everyday in the main center of Kabul, Taliban cut hands, pulled eyes, stoned women and men, beheaded or executed people, and a discussion started on SCI about sending a military force from the United Nations to Afghanistan to do something about that situation, just like UN PeaceKeeping Forces had been sent to other countries in similar situations for years. There were some agents of Taliban who would show up on SCI at that time and strongly fight such proposals saying that it is interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. It was interesting that those people themselves were always against the whole Internet and all technologies in those days, and the Internet was completely banned in Afghanistan under the Taliban's rule. A lot of times, I used to tell those individuals that if they are against the Internet as a whole, then how come they have Internet accounts and are participating in these discussions that are to stop the cutting of hands, pulling the eyes, stoning women and men, beheadings and executions in Afghanistan? At any rates, after the criminal attack of al-Qaeda with Taliban's cooperation on the USA on Sept 11, 2001, and the response of Allied Forces led by the United States occupying Afghanistan and overthrowing the Taliban's regime, all those discussions about UN intervening in the human rights situation of Afghanistan under Taliban's regime, were discontinued on SCI as the Taliban's rule ended!

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