Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Once again about Lies, Partisan Politics and Iranians
Sam Ghandchi
بازهم درباره دروغ، سیاست جناحی و ایرانیان

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Again some of my friends bring up partisanship in politics and say: «Sam, you are an independent journalist, why do you take side with Iranian Secular Democratic Party (ISDP) and its founder Dr. Esmail Nooriala».  In response I should say being an independent journalist and writing factual and presenting all sides of the news story should not stop one from being a member of a political party and actually it shows total honesty to tell people about it, rather than hiding it, although I must note that from day one of foundation of ISDP, I have stated that I am just a supporter and not a member of ISDP and explained from day one why I am not a member which has nothing to do with partisanship. And regarding Dr. Esmail Nooriala, I need to emphasize that beside him being one of the most knowledgeable people in Iranian politics, he is one of the very few people in high-level Iranian politics that I have ever been fortunate to know in my life who has never said a lie to me.  Sometimes I say to myself about some of those others, with friends like them who needs enemy. BTW, ISDP is not the only organization I support although it is the most important one. Finally I should note that in US Politics, we generally speak of being *bipartisan* as I explained last night because here we have two political parties that really make the political map, whereas in countries like France, or Iran which is our focus, this whole thing is a lot more complicated and it is naive to think of Iran in terms of so-called bipartisanship of "osoolgaraa" and "eslaahtalab" when neither one is real opposition, and unfortunately the real political opposition is not even officially acknowledged inside the country, and all are officially active with their real names, only outside Iran.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 20, 2019
















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