Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي NIAC, Americans of Iranian Ancestry and Partisan Politics
Sam Ghandchi
نایاک، آمریکایی های ایرانی تبار و سیاستهای جناحی

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Many ordinary Americans of Iranian ancestry complain of how partisan politics of Iran affects their lives even when they are natural-born citizens of the United States. For example, in Washington DC, if your father was an official in Shah's Savak or a general in Shah's army, you may obtain a security clearance very quickly, whereas if you are an ordinary Iranian with many relatives in Iran, when applying for security clearance which is required for most jobs in this city, it can drag on and on and you can even be rejected at the end, and all this in a way makes sense because investigation is difficult in countries like Iran. Just go to the Internet and see so many cases of Americans of Iranian ancestry who have filed complaints in US courts about this matter. Actually NIAC organization has succeeded a lot in attracting Iranians to its ranks, because of the support they have provided in anti-discrimination lawsuits of Americans with Iranian ancestry. You may ask, is this really a partisan politics issue, as it is understood in the US? Not really, if you are a non-appointee government employee in the US, you are expected to be non-partisan which means here as not to be strongly pro-Republican or pro-Democrat, which is totally different from what we are discussing here.


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