Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي A Note to President Trump about New Iran Sanctions
Sam Ghandchi
یادداشتی برای پرزیدنت ترامپ درباره تحریمهای جدید علیه ایران

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Dear President Trump, A few hours ago, you levied new sanctions against Iran because of IRI's role in attacks on Saudi oil installations. Two years ago, I wrote about an alternative to sanctions, but I just want to tell you of a personal example of how sanctions actually hurt Iranian people and achieve nothing to make a change in Iran. Less than a year ago, I had a prostate cancer surgery right here in the DC area and was talking to my sister on the phone who lives in Iran about my financial situation which as I wrote today has been deteriorated by Mr. Reza Pahlavi's Savak who are active in the US against Iranian democratic opposition groups and individuals such as myself and not the Islamic regime in Iran. My sister was very sad not being able to help us and said their own financial situation is deteriorated because of all these sanctions. Do you think this strategy will make Iranian people to rise against IRI? The people are getting weaker and if you think with the weakness of Iran's economy this regime will get weaker like Saddam's Iraq, you are mistaken. I do not want to get into the private issues regarding religion of Mr. Reza Pahlavi's family that some opposition bloggers from inside Iran, have discussed, because these are not Islamism and are just being a Muslim, it is Mr. Pahlavi's right to be a religious Muslim. But the result of this religious reliance, this regime is a force that even before coming to power in Iran relied on khums and zakat which are Shiite and Muslim versions of tithe and the financial pillars of this regime is a lot more complicated than a simple secular tax system or even oil money. Actually the only winner in this game are people with no talent like Reza Pahlavi who receives a lot of money from the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel to spend on his Savak, who are fighting Iranian democratic opposition here in the US, and not fighting the Islamic regime in Tehran. Reza Pahlavi has no clue about Iran and imagines himself as Gandhi with a plan of civil disobedience when his Savak team have blood of Iran's freedom fighters on their hands from the days of working at Evin Prison when they first started that dungeon for political prisoners. I am ready to challenge him in any one-on-one TV program and you can judge for yourself. Reza Pahlavi's Savak actually conspired to stop my interviews at VOA after two interviews because they saw me as a competition. So as you see, you are neither helping Iranian people nor Iranian opposition with the choices you have made. Why didn't those who receive money from the US, succeed in the last 40 years, because they are useless. All this sanction strategy and the so-called opposition that US has supported, is a failure. The plan I proposed two years ago would solve both issues, i.e. not hurting Iranian people and helping Iranian democratic opposition. Please take a look at it.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
September 19, 2019
















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