Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Why IRI Seizes Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf
Sam Ghandchi
چرا رژیم اسلامی تانکرهای نفتی را در خلیج فارس توقیف می کند

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Today IRI announced seizing another oil tanker in the Persian Gulf claiming the ship carried smuggled oil, and if the claim is true, it means the vessel is on IRI payroll. The reason the IslamicKKK regime ruling Iran has started this lethal game in the Persian Gulf is to provoke the West to sink a ship to block Strait of Hormuz to be able to blame the closure of the waterway on the US. This action of IRI is a reminder of mentality of thugs who cut themselves in a fight. Such tactics are more suitable for muggers, although will raise oil prices and increase prospects for war. Two days ago we discussed "IRI Losing Time to Make a Deal with the US."


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Sam Ghandchi
August 4, 2019
















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