Why Leftists Support Saddam and Islamists

(The Perils of Cultural Relativism)




The following is a link to an interesting article that looks at how majority of the Left ended up supporting Saddam during the Iraq War, and the way most of the Left and nationalists have practically supported Islamists of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) for years:




The above shows that a few casualties of Iraqis in the Iraq War was not what the Iraqi people, and for that matter Iranians and other people of the Middle East, have suffered from in the last three decades.  Yet, all that the Left in the West tries to highlight are a few casualties of Iraqis during the Iraq War, and not say anything about the millions of casualties of repression of Saddam or IRI Islamists inside Iraq and Iran, and the casualties of the horrible wars these regimes waged year after year to keep the people under their reign.


The leftists in the West just criticizing the U.S. in the antiwar movement to the point of supporting Saddam in the Iraq War were wrong, and showed their lack of understanding of the role of Saddam and Islamists in the Middle East, thinking of those Dark Forces as the so-called "anti-imperialists" rather than seeing them as the fascist regiments of murder, stoning, and maiming who have killed freedom and progress in the Middle East for decades.


In my opinion, among the Left in the West, only the ones like Chris Hitchens, took a correct position at the time of Iraq War.  And the antiwar movement basically took a wrong position supporting Saddam and today they are taking a similar erroneous position with regards to the Islamists in Iran.  I had written my own opinion about the Middle East situation before the Iraq War and there is not much I can add to what I wrote at the time.


The mistake of the leftists is the continued mindset of fallacy of *cultural relativism*.  Even some of the leftists inside Iran at the time of Iraq War wrote about the error of  cultural relativism, but majority of the Left in the West, both Iranian and non-Iranians, still do not see the fallacy of cultural relativism, that has put them in the mistaken position of supporting Islamist fascism all these years. Here is the article of Shahla Azizi, a leftist who had written clandestinely from inside Iran on the topic, at the time of Iraq War, and living inside Iran, she had been able to observe and critic the fallacy of Cultural Relativism of the leftists, from her own practical life experiences under the Islamist regime:




I hope on the eve of the anniversary of the heinous action of Islamist terrorists on Sept 11th, the Left can take a look at its error of judgment about Islamism, this dark force of our time, the force which sends its soldiers of Islamist God to commit any murder in the name of its atrocious ideology.



Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
August 27, 2003





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