Independence & Rhetoric of IRI Lobbyists

استقلال و لابي ايست ها




Independence and Rhetoric of IRI Lobbyists

استقلال و لابي ايست ها


·   Human Rights & Separation of State and Religion in Iran [1999]

·   About Sanctions [2000]

·   Once again on Sanctions [2000]

·   Effect of Sanctions [2000]

·   De-Politicizing Human Rights in Iran is Whitewashing IRI Theocracy [2000]

·   From Salman Rushdie to WTC [2001]

·   IRI Apologists: Under The Cloak Of Fighting Foreign Aggression!![2001]

·   Underdog: Islamic Republic of Iran Playing Victim!! [2001]

·   Stop the "Death to America" Slogan [2001]

·   IRI Lobbyists Hard at Work!! [2001]

·   Noam Chomsky & Edward Said: Why Don't They Condemn IRI Atrocities  [2002]

·   Independence Rhetoric of IRI Apologists [2002]

·   Say "NO" to IRI Lobbyists [2002]

·   My Response to Tariq Ali  [2002]

·   Why Shi’a Clergy Should Be Kept Out Of Iran’s State Offices? [2002]

·   A Suggestion to American Politicians, INS Officials, and People [2002]

·   Shame on Us Iranians for Not Defending Salman Rushdie [2003]

·   Aghajari's Trial is Prosecution of Shi'a Semi-Protestantism!  [2002]

·   Shariati  was Reactionary [2002]

·   War, U.S., and IRI (I Condemn IRI Provocation of War with the U.S.) [2003]

·   No To Shi'a Islamists, *Protect* Democracy [2003]

·   I condemn this petition and consider it despotism [2003]

·   Why I support the petition for Prof Sobhani’s rights? [2003]

·   To End IRI Needs Ending Islamism in Iran and Beyond [2003]

·   Cultural Relativists Misrepresent Iran Situation [2003]

·   Aghajari Does not Deserve Nobel Peace Prize [2003]

·   Reactionary Reformism [2003]  اصلاح طلبی ارتجاعی

·   Are IRI Lobbyists a Real Force? [2003]

·   Break Silence on MEHR [2003]

·   Rep Barrett Attacks Victims of IRI Terrorism [2003]

·   Why "Unity of Republicans" is a Wrong Program [2003] چرا "اتحاد جمهوري خواهان" برنامه غلطي است

·   Islamism & Freedom of Thought [2003]

·   Nobel Peace Prize: Good News & Bad News [2003]

·   What about IRI and Three FM's [2003]

·   Disappointing Draft of Afghanistan's New Constitution [2003]

·   Freedom of Political Parties [2003]  آزادي احزاب سنگ محک دموکراسي در خاورميانه

·   Iran & Law: Virtue or Rights [2003] قانون و ايران: فضيلت يا حقوق

·   What is Secularism? [2003] سکولاريسم چيست؟

·   Postmodernism Shaping Islamism [2003] فرامدرنيسم شکل دهنده اسلامگرائي

·   Islamic Democracy is *not* Pluralism  [2003] دموکراسي اسلامي پلوراليسم نيست

·   Democracy is Not People's Rule, it is People's Judgment [2004] دموکراسي حکومت مردم نيست، قضاوت مردم است

·   A World Vision from City of Heretics [2004] يک جهان بيني از سوي شهر مرتدان

·   Do I Oppose Reformism [2004] آيا من با اصلاح طلبي مخالفم؟

·   IRI Sanctions: Yes or No? [2004] تحريم بين المللي: آري يا نه؟

·   IRI: White Revolution or End? [2004]

·   Mr. Kerry, Islamic Republic of Iran Must Go [2004] آقاي کري، جمهوري اسلامي ايران بايد برود

·   Are We Still Waiting for United Nations? [2004] آيا ما هنوز منتظر سازمان ملل هستيم؟

·   Lessons from 911 and Iraq [2004] درسهائي از 11 سپتامبر و عراق

¨ 500-Futurist Iran: Futurism vs Terrorism [2004]ايران آينده نگر: آينده نگري در برابر تروريسم

·  How to End Islamist Terrorism? [2004]چگونه به تروريسم اسلامگرا پايان دهيم؟

·  Shi'a Clergy and Iranian State  [2004] روحانيت شيعه و دولت در ايران

·  Lobbyists, Human Rights and Islamism  [2004] لابي ايست ها، حقوق بشر، واسلامگرائي

·  One Mistake-From Constitutional Movement to Today  [2004] يک اشتباه-از مشروطيت تا امروز

·  Khamenei and Salman Rushdie [2005] خامنه اي و سلمان رشدي

·  Tudehii Thinking, the Barrier of  Iranian Opposition [2005] انديشه توده اي، سد راه اپوزيسيون

·  Why Islamism Kills? [2005] چرا اسلامگرائي ميکشد؟

·  Iran-The Second Republic [2005] ايران-جمهوري دوم

·  [2005] سؤ استفاده از آينده نگري

·  Iranian Intellectuals and Leftism [2005] روشنفکران ايران و چپ گرائي

·   An Alternative to U.S. Sanctions against Iran [2005] آلترناتيوي بجاي تحريم اقتصادي ايران

·   Power, Religion, and IRI Reformists [2005] قدرت، مذهب، و اصلاح طلبان ج.ا

·   Is Islamic Extremism the Problem? آيا مسأله افراطي گري اسلامي است؟

·   Is Cartoon Clash like Racial Discrimination  [2006] آيا ماجراي کارتون ها نظير تبعيض نژادي است

·   Beginning of the End of IRI [2006] آغازِِ پايان جمهوري اسلامي

· Another Look at Islamic Reformists [2006] نگاهي ديگر بر اصلاح طلبان جمهوري اسلامي 

·  Russia: From Mohammad Ali Shah to Ahmadinejad [2006] روسيه: از محمد علي شاه تا احمدي نژاد  

·  What is Futurism? [2007] آينده نگري چيست؟

·  IRI Lobby [2007] لابي جمهوري اسلامي ايران

· Farewell to the Third World  [2007] وداع با جهان سوم

· نقدي بر نقد حسين درخشان از عبادي

· اطلاعيه درباره سايت آينده نگر

· آينده نگري و کالت هاي بازمانده جنبش کمونيستي

· اشکال اپوزيسيون ايران چيست؟

· Clinton-Obama and Iran کلينتون-اوباما و ايران

· آيا احمدي نژاد ميخواهد انقلاب سفيد بکند؟

· Why I Condemn Legal Action of NIAC against Hassan Dai چرا اقدام قانوني نياک عليه حسن داعي را محکوم ميکنم

· ناسيوناليست هاي تجاوز طلب

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