Revolutionary Council of Monarchists

I know some of the monarchists are now making a shorAyeh Rahbari (Revolutionary Council). Personally this is one of the terms that I really hate as it reminds me of the time of 1979 and the Revolutionary Council where many who were dead for a long time suddenly became active and the first thing they wanted to do was to become a leader of the opposition.

The reality is that Iran of today is not the Iran of 1979 and those who are dreaming of using those formulas for creating leadership of this movement will only make themselves the last joke. Why one does not hear those who are really active inside Iran, to say anything about these leader-makers, is because they hope these imaginations to help more people abroad and more states to support Iran and the Iranian movement, as they know some U.S. politicians who think Iranians are interested in the return of monarchy and thus they are siding with the Iranian movement. 


Therefore the real activists of Iran see no harm in these fantasies abroad. Otherwise those who have really been driving the struggle inside Iran all these 24 years are a lot smarter to fall for the same so-called Revolutionary Council which was a tragedy in 1979 and will be a comedy in 2003, if I may use the words of Hegel.


I have already written enough about Iranian Monarchy and do not need to repeat anymore:

Frankly as I have noted over and over again, it is great that many who have not been much active all these years have become active, but I hope they put their focus on real struggle rather than making leaders for Iran. They can collect money and send to the student activists who need help in Iran to hide when needed. They can get the Western States to understand that the IRI even with concessions will not stop supporting murder and terror, and that as long as IRI is there, there will not be any world peace or end to terrorism.



Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
June 14, 2003


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