Down with Savak Heritage of Pahlavi Monarchy


Dear Readers,

Since posting my article yesterday, I have been harassed by some shahollAhi monarchists.

I condemn the atrocities of Savak and the despotic regime of the Shah which killed the heroes like Dr. Hossein Fatemi in Iran in the 1953.  Shah's murderers even mistreatment of his wife.

I condemn anybody who tries to revive those Dark Ages in Iran and I will fight it as I always have:

The Savakis who are trying to revive that era in Iran should know that there is a river of blood separating Iranian freedom fighters from the Savaki murderers who are responsible for all that we are suffering today under IRI.

Please if anybody wants to discuss this and other articles, do not send me email and participate in one of the Iranian forums listed below:

If Prince Reza Pahlavi is sincere about his defense of human rights, he should condemn 28-mordad coup and the Savak of Shah's regime in no uncertain terms, or else he is paving the way for the return of those Dark Ages, which will be resisted by all Iranians who care for democracy and modernism.

Down with the Savak Heritage of Pahlavi Monarchy.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
June 13, 2003





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