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My Response to ShahollAhi Savaki Harassments



I am getting tons of harassment emails from Shahollahis which proves these  people are the same as how they were during the Savak days. This proves one  more time what I have written about the Savak heritage of Pahlavi Monarchy  and if Reza Pahlavi does not condemn these actions, it is one more reason to see the human right abuses we can expect from any leadership role by past  monarchists in future Iran, if Iranian people ever allow them to come back to  power.  This shows again what happens when Reza Pahlavi does not condemn the  atrocities of 28-mordad and the following Savak atrocities all those years of Shah's regime, in NO UNCERTAIN terms.  


My response to them will remain to be my following article.  They cannot  shut me up with their murderous threats just as they were not able to do it  during the Shah's regime, and the IRI which inherited Shah's Savak and called it Savamma has not been able to shut up our people either:




If they have any civil discussion, they can come to the Iranian forums and  discuss, but their harassment will only make more Iranians to see the truth  of Iranian monarchy and its savage Savak heritage that still lingers on  after 24 years:  




Down with Savakis and the Savak Heritage of Pahlavi Monarchy


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
June 14, 2003


P.S. It seems like some ShahollAhis did not get my point. They cannot intimidate me by sending me more harassment and four-letter words. Their successor IRI has been doing that for 24 years to silence me and other Iranians, and has been failing miserably and the Savak of the Shah did it for decades and was overthrown by the Iranian people.  As I wrote if these people want to have civilized discussions, they can visit Iranian Forums because all Iranians are interested to discuss the murders that Savak committed against innocent students at the time of the Shah and how Savak caused where we are today. Here is the link to forums if they want to come and discuss:   Their sending intimidation emails to me only proves my point. They can send as many four-letter words to me as they want. I vividly remember how Savak interrogated and did not just use four-letter words, but put broken glass in people's bottom or hanged men from their testicles or tortured students with fire and burning. You know Savak killed many like Karimpoor Shirazi but most of survivors who were tortured in those years are still around and shahollAhis cannot fool people by their lies. We are not talking about Qajar times, survivors are old, but are still around. Maybe they can fool foreign powers, but for those of us who have been hurt by Savak, when we were students, cannot be fooled. I still remember how Savakis, the same way as these who email me four-letter words, would call me all kinds of names, because as a student I had asked for democracy in 1969-73, and they had called me in for interrogations. I remember all those atrocities of Savak. And when they send me these harassment emails, they remind me of the Savak interrogators in those years, who were treating me this way calling me with the Savak four-letter word vocabulary and threatening my life. So these people who send me harassment are true progeny of the Shah's Savak and are proving my point.  Down with the Savaki Heritage of Pahlavi Monarchy.


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