Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيWhy No Revolution in the US for Two Centuries
Sam Ghandchi
چرا در آمریکا در دو قرن گذشته انقلابی نشده است

Yesterday was the end of Obama's presidency and inauguration of Donald Trump, the new US president was convened in Washington, DC. In other words, despite a contentious election, transfer of power was done peacefully with the participation of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Today in Washington and other cities there was a million people march of women.


In reality, these two events best show the U.S. political system which was founded about 240 years ago following the American Revolution. Meaning that for more than two centuries, US Constitution only for one time had to deal with a problem which ended up in a violent solution and that was for abolition of slavery 150 years ago that ended up in a civil war at the time of Abraham Lincoln's presidency.


Why for over two centuries basically this society has been able to adjust itself at times of need, it is because the people are able to pose their issues and find solutions in a democratic way thanks to freedom of speech and association and institutions of judgment by the people. As Karl Popper once said, democracy is not about *who* rules but it is about *how* the state governs and in two centuries in the US we can see an open society with all its controls and balances (1).

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
January 21, 2017


1. Democracy is Not People's Rule, It is People's Judgment
دموکراسی حکومت مردم نیست، قضاوت مردم است  
What is modern democracy


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