A Dialogue on Liberalism in Iran 





Article1- In Defense of Iranian Liberals- By Sam Ghandchi


Article2- Response To Article1- By CCC


Article3- Response To Article2- By Sam Ghandchi


Article4- Response To Article3- By CCC


Article5- Response To Article4- By Sam Ghandchi


Article6- Response To Article1- By DDD


Article7- Response To Article6- By Sam Ghandchi





Dear Readers,


The following seven articles are a dialogue about liberalism in Iran.  These were posted in a thread on soc.culture.iranian Usenet newsgroup in 1994 where Iran News were analized.


The dialogue started with my article entitled "IN DEFENSE OF IRANIAN LIBERALS", which was posted on Feb 24, 1994, and it was followed up by two knowledgeable posters, who contributed to SCI newsgroup at that time, and we had a real good dialogue on the topic of Iran news and Iranian culture.


I have made a few minor changes but the articles are essentially as they were originally posted.  I am sure that neither myself, nor the others who participated on this thread, would necessarily write on the topic the same way today.  But I had liked the thread so much, especially as a symbol of a good dialogue about Iran news and Iranian culture that one can find on Iranian sites, that I had saved them to read later.


Above, I have included, anonymously, the postings of the two others (i.e. Articles 2, 4, and 6), who, among many, had contributed to that interesting thread about Iran news and Iranian Culture at that time.


I have changed the name of four individuals, who are mentioned in these articles, to AAA, BBB, CCC, and DDD.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher

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Dec 2001


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