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Sam Ghandchi wrote:


>I am presenting a new angle in my whole posting and my

>angle is to view our history from the viewpoint of someone who

>thinks everyone has had choices; and has made right and wrong

>choices; rather than seeing things as inevitable.



Mr Ghandchi wrote an interesting posting on the sensationalist

trend of Iranian intellectuals. I should add that I have a

deterministic view on this free will theory. We should realize how

a dictatorship brutalizes and radicalizes its opposition. A dictatorship

doesn't give room for liberal personalities to grow. If we look at

Bolsheviks in Russia we can see how Tsarism allowed only

people with organisatory capabilities under its dictatorship

to rise among the social democrats. It was Stalin who sat

with the organisatory responsibilities and power and not

people like Pelkhanov. It was because only brutal personalities

like Stalin could organize under that brutal circumstances.

This gave Stalin after the vrevolution the leverage to

wipe out any moderate personality. So Tsarism carries a lot

of responsibility for how the opposition came to develop.

The same is true during the Shah time and among many

Middle East countries. Liberal ideas were and are prosecuted. But

liberal personalities are inherently more difficult to

organize and less adventurist and courageous than extremists.

Let us see what is happening in Israel today. Israel is responsible

for radicalizing  and brutalizing Palestinian opposition.

When even the liberal literature was forbidden under Shah's regime

we could not expect more of our illiterate and uninformed

intellectuals! Ofcourse the transitory nature of our economy

had also created a lot of social classes in movement which

itself made extremism a more natural choice. For those reasons

I believe those who have lead a people towards victory against

a dictatorship aren't always quallified to run the country after

the overtaking of the power.



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