Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيThank you Mr. Netanyahu, but please read to the end
Sam Ghandchi

ممنون آقای نتانیاهو، اما لطفاً تا آخر بخوانید

Mr. Netanyahu,

The day before yesterday you started a Persian twitter account. Maybe you care so much about Iranians and want to communicate more with us. I have written my views about Israel in details 8 years ago and your state department reprinted it (1).

When Iran Nuclear Deal was announced this morning in Vienna, you were one of the first people to make an intense attack on it. You have every right to be against any deal. I know why you are against the Iran deal with the US and other powers (2).
As long as Israel is not in a peaceful relation with all countries in the Middle East, this situation will not change (3). I want to see peace between Iran and Israel. But the way is not by shutting up all other views including yours. I like Phil Collins' song "Both Sides Of The Story" (4). I hope you do likewise.


Iranian audience even inside Iran mostly reads English very well. It is nice that you are trying to communicate also in Persian with your twitter. But more importantly is to hear each other, rather than dictate to each other using connections in Capitol Hills (5). Please rest assured in this age of information even when you sneeze, people in Iran hear it and language is no barrier.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
July 14, 2015


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