Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيDagan, VOA and Israel's Objectives
Sam Ghandchi

دگان، صدای آمریکا و اهداف اسراییل


Five years ago, Guardian published words of Meir Dagan, Mossad chief in 2007, who in a conversation with a US official at the time, released by WikiLeaks in 2010, had advised US Embassy to use VOA for Israeli objectives in Iran (1).


Such action by VOA would have been a clear violation of VOA Charter discrediting all work of honest journalists at VOA who tirelessly have established VOA's credibility with Iranian people over the years in offering fair and objective news. VOA is not a tool for Israeli policies.


The executive team at VOA needs to clearly publish a statement that they have not allowed or facilitated such activities by the Israeli government and its lobby groups (2).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

May 5, 2015



1. Guardian: US embassy cables: Israel grateful for US support


2. Transparency: Iran News and Lobby Groups in Washington, DC



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