At the time when attorneys of former U.S. hostages such as Tom Sutherland, are collecting millions of dollars in damages from Iranian frozen assets, for the suffering of their clients and their families during hostage ordeals, most former political prisoners of Iran, who suffered under the same tortures of Islamic Republic dungeons, do not have the financial ability to hire lawyers to represent them to do likewise. 


The families of dissidents who have been killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, the families of Bakhtiar, Ghasemloo, Foruhars, the writers, and many others, who have had similar sufferings need legal representation to collect similar damages.  Many of them are even US Citizens today, and easily qualify for similar claims.  But many Iranian lawyers in the U.S., who can help these victims, are busy helping the IRI, by lobbying for the Islamic Republic in Washington, without even mentioning the victims of terrosit attacks of Islamic Republic, the murdered dissidents, the Bakhtiar and the Foruhars.  They do not even mention the tortures of political prisoners in Evin and other prisons in Iran right at this moment.


The Islamic Republic lobbyists have intensified their efforts to be the matchmakers between the U.S. and IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) without mentioning anything about the atrocities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.   Please see the open letter of one of these lobbyists to Ayatollah Khamenei below:


The above letter helps the game of Islamic Republic playing victim, which has been going on for over 20 years now.  This is what I wrote about this game a while back:


It is such a shame that the lobbyists use their lawyers, their money, and their numerous news and press facilities to go to the U.S. congress, supposedly helping Iranian-Americans against hate crimes, but in reality trying their best to whitewash the crimes of Islamic Republic of Iran.  Especially at a time when the whole world is receptive to hear about the terrorist activities of Islamic Fundamentalists, they are depicting a civil image of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 


This above sad reality is not necessarily because of all of the lobbyists being paid agents of Islamic Republic.  Many of them are innocent people caring about Iran, but going this way, because of wrong theories of cultural relativism.  Some are also making wrong logical deductions from the political theory of seeing two factions in the Islamic Republic, as if the presence of these multiple factions has made much of a difference in the reality of Islamic Republic, this bastion of Islamic Fundamentalism, in its practices of stoning and cutting limbs, killing dissidents, and threatening Salman Rushdie, for his ideas, with a terrorist death threat, for over two decades.


When are the Iranian lawyers going to help the former political prisoners and the families of victims of IRI murders, the families of Bakhtiars, Ghasemloos, Foruhars, the writers and others to claim and collect for their damages for their sufferings?


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


Nov 1, 2001







* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on Nov 1, 2001



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