“Underdog”: Islamic Republic of Iran Playing Victim!!




It has been over 22 years of violations of human rights by Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) inside Iran, as well as terror and death threats abroad, such as the death threat against Salman Rushdie.  Nonetheless, IRI still keeps playing victim by noting US interventions in the Middle East or the CIA coup of 1953 (which Ayatollahs themselves supported at the time).  And there are many educated Iranians abroad who are echoing the same play-victim games of IRI and support it in one way or the other.


It is the Islamic Republic of Iran that has incessantly been terrorizing its own citizens and even citizens of other countries, such as Salman Rushdie, and IRI supporters have the nerve to talk as if the world owes them something. 


Let me note that the reason for success of this play-the-victim game is not Islamic Republic itself.  It is not just because akhounds are good at playing victim with their stories of karbala.  The reason is that a substantial group of intellectuals of Iran still fall for the “underdog” game, without realizing that this so-called “underdog” itself has been the oppressor for over two decades and no excuses of imperialists this and that can answer this reality any more. 


Soviet Union had such sympathy among intellectuals in the West for a long time and used the same tactic of blaming everything on being encircled by imperialists, etc, and it was exactly the intellectuals falling for this play-the-victim game that whitewashed the atrocities of Stalin during the 1937 purges and the later years.  It is the same kind of intellectuals who are justifying the Islamic Republic of Iran today and are more worried to give legitimacy to Islamic Republic in its relations to the U.S., than to challenge IRI’s legitimacy to represent Iran and Iranians.


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is better that the intellectuals stop and see the reality of satanic regimes and not fall for their so-called anti-imperialist slogans.  These regimes are not the victim.  The victims are the people who are not even safe after leaving their beloved country.  The victims were the likes of Shahpour Bakhtiar who were murdered by the terrorists of Islamic Republic of Iran.  It is time that we wake up and not allow the Islamic Republic of Iran and its supporters to take advantage of the innocence of the people who like supporting the underdogs!


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



April 30, 2001





* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on April 30, 2001


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