GhandchiقندچيWhy I Condemn Legal Action of NIAC against Hassan Dai

Sam Ghandchi
چرا اقدام حقوقی نياک عليه حسن داعي را محکوم ميکنم

Three days ago NIAC organization submitted a lawsuit against Mr. Hassan Daioleslam at a U.S. court which is available at the following link:


The above lawsuit claims that Mr. Dai belongs to Mojahedin organization and that organization is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and therefore Mr. Dai is a terrorist and is acting on the line of Mojahedin organization trying to show the anti-war and pro-diplomacy activities of NIAC as serving the interest of Islamic Republic of Iran and that Mr. Dai's articles are published by the Neocon publications in the U.S. 


I do not know the claim that Mr. Dai is with Mojahedin is true or false.  But I myself have been and am an ardent opponent of Mojahedin and my own writings about Mojahedin are available below and I am well known in the Iranian political circles:


What I am writing here is not to say Mr. Dai is or is not with Mojahedin.  Whatever Mr. Dai is, is his issue.  I am neither the publisher of his views nor is he the publisher of my views.  My defense of him is the defense of freedom of speech the same way years ago I defended Mr. Shorab Sobhani, who was the subject of a similar attack, as can be seen in the following link, although my views are 180 degrees opposite to his:


The same way my defense does not mean to say that Mojahedin is not what is claimed in the law suit. In fact, I also believe that Mojahedin has acted as a warmonger and has tried to start a war between the U.S. and Iran and I condemn these efforts of Mojahedin. Not only I think the West should follow the path of diplomacy with Iran but I also think smart sanctions to pressure the leaders of Islamic Republic and not allow them to further militarize Iran through by purchasing arms from Russia, China and other countries are the main part of any diplomatic effort, not to see diplomacy as equivalent to allowing the growth of militarism in Iran. NIAC should also define their understanding of diplomacy which they may have done in their documents.


But what I know for sure is that the websites of NIAC (1) and their press supporter (2) have never been filtered by the Islamic Republic of Iran even though many simple scientific sites and the site of VOA which is a journalistic site have been filtered for many years.  My own personal web site has been blocked for many years and I ask all readers to go and visit and judge why a research journalistic site like mine is filtered but the aforementioned sites are nor. At the beginning the ones in charge of Internet filtering in Iran would say the political sites that are filtered are terrorist sites and would specifically name Mojahedin but later other sites were also filtered.  Can the label of terrorist also be levied against the filtered sites that I noted?  Therefore when even some sites belonging to different factions of Islamic Republic have been filtered all these years, how come the sites of NIAC and have not been filtered even once all these years.  I hope they can give an answer that at least the filtered sites I noted could learn from them to deactivate IRI filtering against their site.


The legal action of NIAC against Mr. Dai is by using the money and lawyers of a powerful organization to intimidate an individual and tomorrow the same action will be done to others who oppose their views.  Just two months ago some people on the Internet started distributing some words about relation of Mr. Dai and Mojahedin quoted from some former members of Mojahedin.  I  am not saying their words are lies or are truth, but the goal of those who spread all that is clear today to make the Iraniaqn political movement silent in face of this attack on Mr. Dai.


I personally despite condemning Mojahedin organization and despite the fact that if it is proven that Mr. Dai has been working indirectly for Mojahedin, would condemn him as well for deception, nonetheless, I condemn this action of NIAC because it hurts the atmosphere of freedom of speech among the Iranian immigrants and exiles.


We have had enough threats of torture, intimidation, Evin prison, execution in Iran for expressing our views and in the United States we do not want to be threatened by the money and lawyers of organizations who call themselves the spokespersons of Iranian.  How long should we keep quiet and let them to silence us. We have differences of opinion. Yes, I am against any military attack against Iran (3) and I support a secular republic and want a relation of U.S. and Iran based on human rights, but someone else wants to have a relation with Islamic Republic at any price to be able to easily do business with Iran.  It is the right of both of us to express whatever view we have without being intimidated not that an individual who is all by himself to be fearful that a big organization with many lawyers and a lot of money would not leave him and his family alone when s/he expresses an opinion.


When are we going to learn to do political struggle about our political differences and not use lawyers, legal games, threats,  intimidation, and personal harassment. Let's stop.  Nobody is a kid and we all have seen this childish games when the real reason for the claims is not what is claimed. The issue is political differences not that he is a Mojahed or not and tomorrow it will be my turn and next will be others just like in Iran when they first filtered the sites of pornography and Mojahedin and after a while other sites were banned.


These methods of curtailing freedom of speech is not limited to one political line either and just recently we say another one by an opposite political tendency when someone who is close to the Neocons used the courts against a young man whose views are closer to IRI lobbyists.  It is enough how long are we going to stop the freedom of speech of our countrymen even when they live in the U.S. and Canada.


If we do not have answer for others' opinions, not to try to use lawyers and money.  No NIAC is not my representative and has no right to call itself he representative of Iranian-Americans.  NIAC is the representative of its own members and that is all and if its lawyers have too much time on their hand, they can go and get something for Iranians in the U.S. and leave political struggle to those who are not afraid of political debate.


For our whole life the political thought was silenced in Iran and this is why Iranian people are afraid to talk about politics and even after living in the U.S. for long and when they have become U.S. citizens and are even members of Republican or Democratic Party, they still say they are not a member of any party or group and when they are reminded that that they are actually a member of an American political party, they are surprised of their own words which is a heritage of their lifelong existence in fear of political repression.


Let us not hurt the psych of our nation any more with these legal games.  You have had your publications in the U.S. for years, let people judge if they like your views or not.  Do not publish the writings or people like me.  That is your right.  This is what freedom means. You can advocate your views and others can promote theirs and people with their votes make a decision.  At least after years of living in the West, let us learn the freedom speech and not use misleading accusations because of political differences.


Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor

May 18, 2008