GhandchiقندچيHilary Clinton Must Apologize to Obama

Sam Ghandchi


I believe Hilary Clinton *must* apologize to Barak Obama for suggesting John McCain to be a better commander-in-chief than Obama.  If she had made any personal insults against Mr. Obama, I would not say the same, because such remarks are understandable in the heat of the campaign.


But the above statement is not a personal insult and was a grave mistake by Ms. Clinton because its repercussions are not like any rhetoric or personal insult and it undermines the possibility of any Clinton-Obama joint ticket, whether led by Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama, because both president and vice president in the Democratic ticket should be better than the Republican challenger, in this regard, as they both can be the future commander-in-chief of the country.


I wrote before the Super Tuesday why I think Clinton-Obama ticket is the way for the Democrats to win in the coming presidential election and I still believe this joint ticket to be the way to go in November.  Here is the link to my February 4th article:


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor
March 14, 2008



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