Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي On Refutation of the Anthropic Principle
Sam Ghandchi

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As I recently wrote on my 10/22/23 Postscript to my 2005 paper entitled 'Leibniz's Monads and Javadi's CPH,' I do not agree with the Anthropic Principle which is supported by most of the multiverse theorists, although I think a lot of what is offered by the multiverse and string theorists is valid! I would like to mention that although Dr. Thomas Hertog's refutation of the Anthropic Principle from his philosophical angle of Quantum Physics is very comprehensive, but a reader can refer to a book by the prominent late Biologist Edward O. Wilson entitled 'The Meaning of Human Existence,' where there is no mention of 'The Anthropic Principle' at all, but the whole book is a real comprehensive refutation of 'The Anthropic Principle!'

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