Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Where is Khoms and Zakat of the Seculars
Sam Ghandchi

خمس و زکات سکولارها کجاست

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Less than a week ago on January 20, 2023, I published a postscript to my note entitled "A Request for Financial Help," which speaks of my life in these days of old age! Both medical problems and financial situation are on my mind and the latter has been for the last half century! For any Iranian secular activist, the latter is a reality of life to deal with every day! Unfortunately most Iranian people do pay zakat and khoms (the latter for Shia) to Islamic leaders, but contributing financially to secular activists is next to nothing! Of course, seculars who became sympathetic to Communist causes, developed a kind of semi-religious feelings for it and contributed more readily to activists but even those people when lost their Communist beliefs, stopped any kind of contributions to their fellow seculars although a number of them are millionaires and like to talk a lot! I actually used to know one of them in Vancouver of Canada who was a leftist and a member of Confederation of Iranian Students in Houston, TX before the 1979 Revolution but the moment I lost my job and still I continued my Iranscope work which had no income, he kept away from me so that I would not ask him for financial help! Personally, I basically either had a job supporting myself all these years while being active, working three shifts a day, or used family resources such as personal inheritance when working fulltime on socio-political issues. In 2007 someone from one of these Iranian political currents with a pseudonym of 'David,' with connections to US government intelligence agencies caused me losing my job at VOA and also using his contacts in the US government not only caused me to lose my job at Voice of America (VOA), and later not only I was rejected for security clearance but my family members lost qualifications to obtain security clearance and this obvious discrimination because of family relationship to me and me being a bad guy treating me and my family as second degree citizens despite being a US citizen for years and having lived in the U.S. for half a century, all because I was fighting for human rights in Iran! Security clearance is a *must* to be able to have almost any job in the Washington DC area and this discrimination against me and my family was playing with the life of me and my family! I just would like to repeat it that Iranian people need to learn to make secular contributions just like they have been paying khoms and zakat to religious leaders or many activists other than a few super-rich, will not be able to contribute to secular democratic development of Iran or will be destroyed in the process the way my life was destroyed and I am hardly surviving at this old age of 71 whereas anyone with a resume like mine should not have been in my situation in old age! And finally I should say the difference between this author and that Mr. 'David" who was noted above, was not a personal difference and this author has not seen that individual even once in my life, the issue of him and his collaborators with me was political and in the heart of the 250-year-old democracy of USA, they put me in this misery and the reason that I could not defend my rights in face of the the crime he committed against me was because I was not a rich person like Donald Trump to be able to defend my rights! In fact, if there is anyone willing to speak in my defense and to defend my rights against that mischievous individual who happens to be in charge of Nazanin Afshin Jam's human rights campaigns in Canada, I would appreciate it, because the laws are clear in the US and that David and his collaborators had victimized me and my family because of my political views but since I did not have the financial power to get a powerful lawyer and defend myself I ended up in this misery today. But bottom line the solution for all this is that Iranian people who want secular democracy for Iran, need to make secular contributions to secular activists, the same way Islamism has been supported by khoms and zakat in Iran! If Iranian people want to be free and independent, they need to make secular contributions to those they support politically or to the human rights defenders, otherwise all slogans will be useless and Iran 21c Revolution will never succeed in the real sense of its goals and we will just replace one useless regime with another!!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
January 24, 2023

























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