Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Reaction to Execution of Mohsen Shekari Determined Leadership of Iran 21c Revolution
Sam Ghandchi

واکنش به اعدام زنده یاد محسن شکاری رهبری انقلاب 21 ایران را مشخص کرد

P.S. 01/19/23: One month passed from the execution of martyr Mohsen_Shekari! SG

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 1. Three weeks ago when the women of Mahabad sat down in front of Islamic Regime's tanks and armored vehicles on the streets, I wrote "this regime has declared a war with Iranian people and now is attacking Iranian people in Kurdistan with tanks and heavy weapons." Today Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) with the execution of martyr #Mohsen_Shekari, proved again, it is at war with the Iranian people; otherwise even in a war with a foreign enemy, no field martial-court would execute a POW who had only wounded a soldier, let alone for such offense in a street protest no court would execute anybody, and would take years to investigate when even the one attacked was hidden from family and friends of the accused to make it impossible to receive pardon from them in the last two months since the incident and as usual the agents of Islamic Republic had lied to the family of Mohsen Shekari not to talk to the press so that he could be freed sooner!


2. We have known the fact that the Islamic Regime is at war with the Iranian people but today's execution of martyr #Mohsen_Shekari revealed this truth in the most naked way for Iranian people! The same way after more than a year, Taliban, yesterday, with their first Public Execution since the Takeover of Afghanistan, showed they are at war with Aghan people!


3. For four decades, many personalities, groups and various organizations have claimed to be the leadership of Iran 21c Revolution and today each one within their own capacity reacted to this naked IRI declaration of war to Iranian people and in reality this way the leadership of this progressive revolution was determined!


4. Please do not ask this author to specify what I wrote in item list #3, because if my guess is right, it should become apparent to everyone and there will be no need for me to announce name of any individual or group! With the best wishes for all people of Iran in this huge endeavor!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
December 8,

























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