Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي To FBI: Please Investigate Facebook's Iran-Related Support Group
Sam Ghandchi

به اف بی آی: لطفاً درباره ی گروه ساپورت مربوط به ایران در فیسبوک تحقیق کنید

PS 09/16/22: To FBI: IRI Infiltration of Facebook Management

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I posted the article linked here, on my Facebook personal page about three hours ago. Facebook blocked my post first and then allowed it to go through after a few minutes and here is the Facebook link of my article! But not only they blocked my posting on other Facebook Iranscope pages, they also blocked me to post anything else on my Facebook personal page and I am still blocked from posting on Facebook right now that I am writing this note! I posted the same article on Twitter at the same time and you can compare the time stamps, etc. I believe Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) agents are controlling Facebook's Support Group for all Iran-related Postings and I believe these individuals are paid through NIAC. Please investigate! Thank you.


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September 1,

























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